Get Duwop in the game!

Can’t the coaches see Duwop is the most incredible athlete that the program has ever seen? He should be starting both ways. This would fix both the defense and the offense all in one fell swoop… It is so simple of a fix… Sheesh.

Is he in the dog house??? In the pre- season talk he was going to be one of our three RB’s to go over 1000 yards.

No he was talked about as the fourth option at RB. He might be a great athlete, but not good enough at one position to take it from another player.

In addition to being recruited by Ark as a QB, wasn’t Duwop also ahighly regarded as a defensive back (Safety)? It was written he only wanted to be QB, receiver or RB. If his athletic ability is as good as we have been led to believe then why to heck was he not “requested” to move to the defensive side? Many HOF defensive backs and LBs started out as QB’s.