Gerry B:

According to the rivals recruiting person in the area:
“Jumped on to clean up some of the GB stuff. He didn’t outright request #Hogs to drop Noland. Sorry if that was misinterpreted. He did make it very clear he wanted to be the only QB, though, and obviously #Arkansas wasn’t gonna drop Noland to make that happen. #HawgSports

So looks like we wouldn’t drop the other qb, so that affected him choosing Baylor. If there is any truth to this, then props to the coach. If a kid wants to play and compete, it shouldn’t matter who else is committed. Noland might get drafted in the mlb and never come to campus. Baylor is a mess and is at a very low point for them and they might have sanctions coming for the rape issues on campus. I think he will regret this in the long term. Good luck to him though.

Agree, man haven’t seen you on the brd in awhile.

I don’t think Baylor’s football programs is such a mess. Sure a lot of nasty things happened and yes the university is settling lawsuits and there will likely be prison terms for former players but that’s on the former coach, AD and university president. Nothing to do with the current coach, who appears to be doing a commendable job recruiting with the 2018 class. They lost a ton of games last year - - but mostly because all their players transferred out.

Give the new coach a couple more years recruiting like he’s doing for the 2018 class and Baylor’s football program will get back on solid footing, primarily due to it’s location, right in the middle of recruit-rich-Texas. Their recruiting is going actually really well, ranked well above our incoming class. They have a top 20ish class coming in and right now we’re looking at a class ranking maybe in the 40s or 50s.

And Baylor is not likely to suffer any NCAA sanctions. NCAA tried that with Penn State and didn’t fare too well.

There are the legal and civil issues that will play out over time. But give it another year or two and the football program will be completely passed it, if they are not already.

Hey you Baylor fan above, not the way it works bruh!!
All those bad things that went down, the rapes, where did those happen?? They happened at Baylor.
So Louisville just fired Pitino, and their AD too. So Louisville is scot free?? Nope!! Their getting hit, so will y’all. But I like your glass half full optimism, good trait. You’ll need that livIng in Wacko, I mean Waco.