Geeze if it wasn't for the embarrassment that is Tennessee we would be a laughingstock

Two seperate coaching searches? Wow… … us-malzahn

Just 'cause Football Scoop says it don’t make it so…fun though :wink:

Well it makes sense, the big money power brokers have made it known they want Gus and now have Norvell as their backup. Julie (I’m in charge) Cormer Peoples it would seem is looking at Venables and Chad Morris. If you look at that list it looks weirdly similar to the four coaches mentioned in the Four Coaches Near Top of UA Search article on the front page of this site.

Not necessarily a bad thing. Businesses all the time in the business world will send out different recruiters looking for employees. The only way it can turn out bad is if neither group is talking to each other or promises are made by one party that isn’t agreed upon by the other party.

It does seem the boosters are dead set on Malzahn, which could be dangerous WAITING on a person who may never come. And if Malzahn doesn’t work out, I’m sure Tennessee might already be going after Norvell, so he might be gone before they get an answer.

I’m for either Chad Morris or Brent Vendables. I’ve seen lots of people say Venables isn’t interested in HC, but I’ve not seen that anywhere.

Malzahn is my first choice hands down. He has beaten Saban twice as HC and once as OC. I would make him turn us down. If not him, then Venables but only after I find out what offense he intends to run. If he wants to run a ground and pound or a West coast pro set offense, then he is off the list. Like it or not, it won’t work here consistently for lots of different reasons. A spread attack fits better to our recruiting territory and it gives us a “puncher’s chance” even when we are down by two scores. After that, then Mike Leach. Why? Because he would put butts in seats. We could crash and burn with him but it would be a wild ride.

Just curious who the search firm we hired and are paying a chunk of money to works for. Which of these two “searches” are they involved with? Are they involved with both searches? Or just one search.

It all sounds like a complete cluster £&@# to me.

I am certainly hopeful and excited about prospects of the four coaching prospects. I like that Coach Norvell does have strong Arkansas ties thus maybe Tennessee will not be a slam dunk for his service IMO-- I could be wrong such as 8-4 season I really wanted for CBB (4-8) in order for him to have continued success here. If Auburn loses to Georgia (doubtful), I think majority of Auburn fans will still not be happy and their message boards will be indicator on how their fans really feel about him. Majority of Arkansas fans OTOH will be always grateful for at least 8 or 9 win seasons and the only team in the state. Whoever come on board must be graceful and display due regard to CBB’s tenure because of the fact he did choose the Hogs over annual Rose Bowl-bound Wisconsin teams. To give him credit, he looked upon the Hogs in higher regard because of his own expectations of where he wanted to lead the Hogs which is still doable with the right type of philosophies to fit current players and recruits (see Coach Charlie Strong at revered Univ. of Texas).

I believe there is a better foundation this time around what with better defensive recruits right now (finally!)and speedy players (finally!) coming back for the right type of offensive schemes and defensive schemes compared to what CCB walked into in December 2012. These are indeed obvious strong selling points already out there and thus the Hogs should be a able to get another decent coach who may become better fit for the long haul. WPS

If the search firm is what I think it is, they are an office that does the more concise vetting that maybe the university can’t on a coach. Meaning, they already have a coach or list of coaches they are going after, they just want to make sure there aren’t any problems with hiring them.

IMHO, Arkansas has been “a laughing stock” for at least a two-year period now.

We had little - if anything - to lose at this juncture. We will have little - if anything - to lose regardless of who ends up being our new coach.

Bring him on and reboot.

You are most likely correct General, thank you for the reality check.

Agreed Silver…thank you.

Tennessee didn’t use a search firm and look what happened to them.

Hahahah…we should count our blessings.