Game tied, and you go for it in your own territory???WTF???

Obviously this Bielema guy is just ill equipped to coach at this level. Your defense has been playing good all day, Fitzgerald isn’t exactly a passing QB, and you go for it in your own territory instead of punting??? LOL…,. If Arkansas had any pride in themselves, this guy would be gone by 5PM…

If CBB was any kind of man, he would resign before 5 pm.

I agree, he should resign, if he had any character at all, he would.

Long was Canned and Bielema know’s that he will be canned as well.

Designed Play to Lose Game. Payback to keep Arkansas from getting a Bowl Game.

For sure Long and Bielema Kickback going on, and Probably President as well.

All of a sudden Arksansas can compete with a #16 Team! Take the Blinder’s Off and Open Your Eye’s.

Pig in a Poke and Arkansas being milked for Million’s and Taken for a Ride. Clean house and Start over from the President Down.

Southern Loyal.

We (Jeff Long) need to extend CBB contract quickly. There are and will be many coaching vacancies.
Just wonder how many schools will try (or already have) to steal CBB