Game Thread?


Should be 14-7 Hogs.

Ground game is working so far.

14- 7 NOW WPS

14-7 RW

I was listening to Bo Bounds( Sports radio guy from Mississippi). He said this game will be decided by the Hogs run defense. MSU is 4-0 when they rush for 250 a game. If they can’t run over you they don’t win.

Refs are cheatin’ MSU

They have Matt Jones

grow up

This might go on all night

Good first quarter. It may come down to who can score the most.

Can we play defense now!!!

First and goal from the the 5. Miss State expected a run and we pass for a touchdown. Coach is doing it right. Don’t let the defense know if we are going to run or pass.

Wonder what our record is for offensive yards in a game?

We keep this up we may beat it

Wasn’t last years game against MSU a record setting offensive performance for us?

Last year total yards:
B. Allan had 7 TDs

AA is still struggling. Just not the same after the knee injury.

Cowbells have to be the dumbest thing on earth. Aren’t they bulldogs?

He should get to more meetings.

They are an agricultural school school I guess. I still don’t know how they can get away with ringing those dang things during plays

In 1936 we put up 859 against Pittsburgh state (Kansas)

Followed by 713 against N Texas in 2007