Game Thread

Just sick of watching our LG missing his assignment and getting out QB killed.

WOO PIG… nice deep ball by AA, and a Reed sighting!!!


I’m glad someone else’s kicker missed one.

If that was Whaley, would they have caught him?

AA is clicking WOO PIG!!!

Good Question Baked, hope we get to find out!

I like Pulley a lot

Timeout!!! What the, come on now.

They sent more than Arkansas could block. Have to hit the hot routes, if the WRs do what they’re supposed to do.

More of our fine tackling I see…

Penalties are starting to build up.

Mcfain, is doing a solid job kicking today, nice work young man!

D has two stops. That’s big because Ole Miss is a first half team.

Must carry over to second half.

Why isn’t Jackson playing some at RG?

Very true, we need to keep them from scoring and then getting the ball at the start of the 2nd half.


I don’t think Field goals aren’t gonna get it. We have to capitalize better than this,

Need a turnover

My wife asked me “how come all they talk about is Old Miss? Are they Old Miss announcers”