Game Thread: AR @ TCU

We didn’t have one of these until late last week, so I’ll start it early.

Go Hogs, beat TCU and Curles. WPS

27-24 Hogs. Hard fought to the last second.

Hey, a touchback on a kickoff. Oh wait that wasn’t us

Moving down the field too fast. Don’t want to see a shootout

And there we go

dang it… Good kick by Hedlund though! Overall good first drive.

I didnt expect to make that field goal.
Now for a kickoff to the 10…

Will need to score 7 instead of 3 often tonight.

Need some defensive turnovers tonight

I agree

Called it

Solid kick coverage to start.

In a few years, there will be no on field officials, just computers and booth guys calling all plays.
That review may be technically good, but I think there should be no review on a normal play unless there is a challenge.

I thought they got the next play off before the whistle

I thought they got the play off too Baked. Pretty solid D on the first drive… will TCU go for it?

Our secondary is playing well early. I am seeing some press. First play was a press to the outside receiver and resulted in an incomplete pass.

We are not as far off as we have been in the past.

Thought we were gonna get a 3 & out

That’s the Kenny Hill I remember from the last time

Ha ha, thought that was a TD, wow

Yes yes yes. Needed that in a bad way!!!

I will take it.