Gafford coming back!!!

Oh happy day!!!

Next season will still have a learning curve with 5 freshman coming in, but there is hope for success.

Yes we do… W.P.S.

6 freshmen


It will be nice to see all the former teammates play together for one yr at least. With newbies Henderson, Chaney, Phillips, along with Gafford , Osabuohien, Hall, and Garland; having an entire yr now to bulk up, and work on their games. Lord Almighty, HOPEFULY, they should be able to board up, there’s no lack of size anymore, they got that covered. If we don’t win on the glass next yr, it’s official, Houston, we have a problem.

Come about late January, this could be a VERY good team, if everyone is healthy, and the Freshman are no longer Freshman.

Problem is, the SEC will be even stronger next yr, Arkansas will probably finish near the bottom in the SEC.

I’m sure that’s wishful thinking on your part. Mr. “The grass is ALWAYS greener somewhere else.”


Uuummm, I’m not so sure about that. Kentucky will be Kentucky. Tennessee and MSU will be legit next year, returning all their scoring power from this year. LSU and Vandy have very good recruits coming in, so the potential is there. A&M and Florida are toss ups. Georgia, SC, Ole Miss, Mizzou, Bama, and Auburn are going to be very down. Arkansas is losing fire power in Barford and Macon, but we do return enough game timers to start a stout starting lineup for next year. With Gafford, we jumped up our potential a lot, but we will definitely need our newbies to grow up fast.

Great news, WPS

General, I know Barford and Macon were good, and Beard was decent. The other three were streaky. I honestly think the 6 freshmen are better than the six SR’s as a whole.

The other thing is Harris and Garland. If Garland is good to go, those two would be a big time help.

The news is awesome. Gafford will be much better next year. With the incoming class coming in for sure they are young and freshmen but they don’t have the bad habits of the players that just left!
Hall will be a good one next year and I can’t find any reason we won’t rebound and defend better next year!

My take is that this is a very smart and good decision for both Gafford and the Razorbacks.


I’m not sure why you think Auburn will be down Bruce Pearl isn’t going anywhere, we’re talking Auburn here, they don’t fire for anything less than a murder caught live on the nightly news. Purifoy will be back. Heron and Willey will probably be back, when the smoke clears. Willey can board, and they have Guards out the Gazoo. GA just hired Crean who’s a lot like Frank Martin, and they return Jackson, and they got a baller coming in from Savannah next yr. Frank Martin will be competitive at some point at SC, you can bet on that. SC loses their top two scorers, but returns almost everyone else. Cuonzo Martin will have Mizzou competitive, you can bet on it… If CJ Jones and Darius Hall explode for Arkansas, like they have the potential to do with a great off season in the gym, Arkansas could be VERY good. Realistically though, we struggle until late January, and then start playing as good as anyone in the nation, when teh Freshman settle in. if the Freshman walk in the door and play lights out, Arkansas has the talent to beat anyone.

Glad he’s coming back. It’s great news for the Razorbacks, but in ways, I wish he’d gone through the NBA process for his own knowledge. But I’m sure he’s been given an idea of where he would stand in the draft. I hope he comes back stronger and becomes the force everybody believes he can be.

You could be right. I just don’t like to assume until I see the product on the court. In terms of star ratings, yes, this class is better than the seniors that left, but in most cases I’d take that senior experience over youthful optimism.

From everything I’ve heard from my friends in the know, Garland is seriously legit. Harris would be a solid PG for us, kinda like a Fred Gulley.

They’ll be back, but they got exposed and it wasn’t just because of injuries that they got exposed. Take the 3 away and they have nothing and they’re not getting anything to change that.

Georgia’s going to take a while to get to any major competitive level.

SC just doesn’t have anything.

Mizzou is losing their top guards, Porter Jr. and possibly Jontay Porter(I don’t think so). Virtually all their scoring and defense is gone, and they’re not replacing them with much.

Again, Arkansas is purely an unknown at this point because we have so many freshmen coming in.

General. The unknown for the SEC is simple. How will Penny hurt Cal at Kentucky? How long will it take for Auburn to fire Lying Bruce? How long will it take Moo U to fire Honest Ben?

As far as the hogs go we will have more length and I’m hoping these youngs players are hungry.

The SEC will be wide open again.

Let the so called experts to pick us low. They are the same ones to pick cheating auburn and Tenner at the bottom of the league this year and look where they finished.