GA Tech is a tremendously talented basketball team, huge challenge for Arkansas on the road

They’re the 5th best Defensive Rebounding team in the nation, they rarely give 2nd shot opportunities. Arkansas will have to shoot at an extremely high percentage to have any chance at a monumental upset.

James Banks their tremendous Forward is leading the nation in blocked shots, he contests everything.

Michael Devoe their guard is easily one of the best guards in the nation, if not the best, he’s averaging 26 pts a game, 5th best in the nation. Arkansas will have to play lights out Defense on him, to have any chance at all.

Tremendous challenge for sure, definitely a game that will get Arkansas ready for Conference play in January. Tech is certainly a bonafide NCAA team, playing at home, they can beat you from the outside or inside. Phenomenal on the Defensive glass. This is one of the top 3 toughest team’s Arkansas will play in the regular season this yr.

They really love to get penetration with their guard play, and then dish it to Banks for a dunk, against NC State on the road, he had like 5 dunks.

Not expecting us to win. will be the first team all year that has size inside which could be our kryptonite. We are playing great defense and have tons of confidence so you never know.

Yeah, it will take a tremendous effort to pull the upset tomorrow evening. GT is a bonafide Sweet Sixteen team.

You sure about that?

I’m only sure about death and taxes, but yes, they’re a fantastic squad.

So Georgia is an Elite Eight Team by your definition?

IMHO… I think they have that ability yes, but I believe without checking, I said Sweet Sixteen. Is it me, or are you just wanting to argue with people? We’re rooting for the same team my friend relax…

Not trying to argue, Ga Tech isn’t that good to me. Neither is Ga. don’t see either making the tourney, let alone 2nd weekend. And Ga beat Ga Tech that’s why I asked

As for AR, I think we will make the tourney.

LOL… I adamantly disagree to the 5th power about Tech… Did you see their game against NC State on the road? Go watch that, and then tell me that again…

Did you see their game against Ga. watch that and tell me again.


I did see it, first GA will compete for a tournament bid this yr, their starting 5 are tremendous, their only question is depth. Secondly, they were at home. Third, it’s a rivalry game, they knew each other well.

I respect your opinion, but you’re clearly not paying attention, if you don’t think Tech is a tremendous basketball team. I would also say, no one who has EVER done anything in sports underestimates any opponent EVER, certainly not an ACC opponent, on the road, with a tremendous guard and forward.

I didn’t say anything about AR vs Ga Tech.

The ACC will be the reason Ga Tech doesn’t make it. Right now the ACC is projecting 7 teams for the tourney (yes it’s early), but GT isn’t one.

By the way, they are projecting AR

Yeah, those projections at this stage mean about as much as general election polls at this stage, which is they mean absolutely nothing. Again, my humble opinion is Tech has the ability to contend for as much as a Sweet Sixteen spot, as we will see tomorrow night. Take Care…

I don’t think NC State is projected for the Tourney either.

Actually, NC ST is an 11 seed in a playin game

So barely and maybe…projection I see says short of 20w and losing record in conference.