@GA is a very tough game, and pretty much a must win game

That #5 Edwards is a great player, Arkansas will have to play the best Defense they have all yr on him, to have a chance at a win. GA beat GT soundly. Rayshaun Hammonds #20 is great in the paint.

Don’t listen to that ridiculous likelihood of a win prediction thing on ESPN, that thing is actually wrong more often in close games, than its right. Athens, GA is very much a good ole boy town, there’s the college, and good ole boy’s, so they don’t have much to do, so even though their record isn’t great, that little coliseum will be close to sold out probably…

I expect Muss to put Whitt on Edwards to lock him down.

After JW performance against the Vols I’m sure you right about he will be guarding. WPS

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