Fun on the new site..

I am learning to enjoy the new site… I really like the feature where the articles that the writers generate create basically no discussion. It is left up to us adept posters to create the conversation. On the old site there were at least 50+ active posters… Here what is there about … 10. Come on Matt Jones, let us have our fun back!! Now you are getting no feed back on what your writers put out. I miss the “Like” feature the old format had too.

There are some things (people) we can’t bring back to their former jobs… But this we can see the mistake and undo it…

I would think you’d miss the dislike button :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

That to… But they disabled that so “like” was the only option.

I certainly would have Liked your post

I remember when they disabled the dislike button on disqus. It took the sweat off your brow. Your posts would routinely get 9 or 10 or more of those nasties You would then just as routinely edit out the glaring negativity within that OP. All the negativity then just seemed to be placed on those that had disliked your post. That was a lot of bother for you. What a shame.