Frank Ragnow

They just said on the radio that he suffered a fractured throat from last week’s game.

I’ve never even heard of that. Wish him a speedy and healthy recovery. Sheesh.

I haven’t heard of that injury either but it seems possible. Let’s all hope and pray he recovers quickly.

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Sounds like a Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat injury.

I’m honored to get the Ricky “The Dragon” steamboat reference in my version of the thread.

He came to my high school to wrestle after he was finished with the WWF (whoops…I mean WWE.) My friends and I ran into Jimmy Snuka at the 7-Eleven around the corner when the matches were done.

Jimmy was not receptive to fans coming up to him to shake his hand. But, to be fair, the wrestling ring they set up in our gymnasium didn’t quite look as giving as the ones that were on tv. So, he might have been pretty sore.

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