For whatever reason these kids are not responding to ma as a coach.

He’s had enough time to win at Arkansas, it’s time to start over. Maybe get a search firm to hire the next coach. That loss last night took Arkansas out of consideration for the tournament. Short of a win against Kentucky in the SEC, their done. What gets me is the SEC really isn’t that good in Basketball, and they have talent, just poorly coached.

I wouldn’t call it worse than football though, football has no hope, MA at least has recruiting and talent.

But obviously it was a mistake to bring MA back.

Dumb, dumber, and dumbest comments like oinkbait. ONE GAME doesn’t mean we start over with a new coach or that we are out of consideration for the tourney. Our RPI took a 15 point hit down to 41. Which sucks but we are still in the field of play for the tournament, RIGHT NOW. We have 15 games left, with 11-12 being reasonable games we absolutely should win. So no, we are not out. The SEC has upgraded in coaches and schedule, so to say we’re not that good is premature as well. I’ll agree, this wasn’t Andersons best coached game, but that’s outside the norm than the normal.

SO stop making these dumb posts when you have no idea what you are talking about.

Not talking about one game, he’s in yr 5 now, has a talented enough roster. But IMHO the constant fluctuations and changes are just getting us beat routinely by teams that are more familiar with what they want to do. I’m pretty confident in my analysis of Basketball, I’ve won 100’s of games as a player in my younger yrs, and quite a few as a coach. These kids don’t understand what is expected of them, with the continual fluctuations. He needs to settle on 5 guys, have them play together, and 4-5 back up’s. He is trying to run a continual full court press, which is leaving teams with continual easy one on one runs to the rim, and fast breaks the other way. It’s not working, stupid is defined as doing the same failed things over and over, and failing to change your approach. Obviously you’re stupid if you want to keep running these same failed philosophies THAT SIMPLY WILL NOT WORK IF YOU DON’T CONTROL THE BOARDS. When it worked in the past, Corliss, Ollie, STEW, Robinson, etc, controlled the boards. You have to control the boards in this style of play, and MA’s teams simply refuse to put effort on the boards. This isn’t something new, it’s the same problem every yr.

He has a talented roster but so does a lot of teams in the SEC. That team that beat us last night was the #5 class last year. They’ve got talent. That’s no excuse to why we lost, but it puts your perspective in it’s place.

You keep making absolute statements, please explain what is wrong and why ONE GAME determines that it’s not working.

You keep saying “one game.” Sigh. People aren’t upset over one game. This isn’t his first year here. This isn’t his second year here. This isn’t his 3rd year here. This isn’t his fourth year here.

You act like the SEC is a great basketball conference. It isn’t. If we can’t compete in a weak SEC, that says loads about where we are in the nation.

It’s not one game. Q: What does Kevaughan Allen, Justin Leon, IJ Ready, Malik Monk, Payton Willis, Mitchell Smith, and others have in common??? A: Arkansas kids that should be on our roster, and have us competing for a National Championship.

You guys keep saying it’s not just one game, yet it’s only after a lose do most of you show up. We win a big game and none of you are around to say anything. We lose, and it’s “I knew this would happen.” That’s part of mine and others frustration with the fanbase.

When it comes to those players, we recruited and got more highly rated players with the exception of Monk and Allen. You act like our coaches don’t try and that because they live in this state then they MUST come here. Do you honestly think our coaches didn’t try to recruit Allen or Monk hard? From everything I’ve read, it seems Allen wanted to leave the state no matter what. And who knows with Monk, but they were recruited. What do you want to do? Drug them and force them to stay in state. By that logic, we’ve got players in different sports that shouldn’t be here because they are from a different state.

You list all those guys and yet ignore in the next 3 recruiting classes we have 8 recruits and 6 are from the state. You can add one because he grew up in the state and moved elsewhere to make it 7 if you wish.

That’s not true, I like Mike personally and would love for him to be successful, and when he coaches a good game, as you can read, I quickly congratulate him. Mike is an awesome person on and off the court, I pray he’s successful, but I’m not an idiot either, I can see the same problems happening over an over again. I was talking about rebounding on the old boards 4 yrs ago, I’m sick to frickin death of not being competitive on the glass. Everyone we play knows all they have to do is out rebound us, and they win. I still think Mike can be successful, but HE HAS TO GET BETTER ON THE GLASS. And we have to put a wall around the state, his coaches need to develop personal relationships with every coach in the state. Yes, recruiting if you believe the numbers looks good in the future, but you never really know until they show up, and start playing games. I’ll be honest, I was just angry more than anything else after a loss we should have won. Macon, Barford, Hannah’s, Beard, and Kingsley is a talented group of kids, they can battle with anyone, and they should. I wouldn’t fire MA, I’m not crazy, just angry, I hate losing. But you’re wrong, Arkansas will have to win some big games down the stretch to make the tourney. Miss St had some ugly losses that will have an impact in March. What I liked about Nolan was his fire, I remember him getting tossed out of a game against Texas, I would love to see more fire also…

I never said you didn’t want Anderson and our boys to be successful, I just commented on when fans tend to show up to talk about games.

I’ll agree the rebounding was horrible and it looked like this season that was rectified. Out of 16 games, only 3 have outrebounded us(as far as I know), but all 3 we lost.

You say build a wall, but again, we can’t force boys to stay here, we can only recruit them as hard as they can. Which in most cases we tend to get the top instate talent that is D-1 worthy. Sometimes we don’t have spots for all of them. Anderson even said in an interview once, that Hannahs wasn’t recruited hard because they didn’t have a spot for him.

Again, I never said we didn’t have to win big games. On the contrary, I’ve stated the next 4 games are crucial to our RPI and staying in the hunt for the tourney.

And I don’t know what Texas game you are referring to, but the one I remember watching was when Nolan walked off the court because he thought we were going to lose and Nolan hated Texas. But Mayberry(my all time favorite Razorback), saved us with a deep 3 and sent the game into overtime before we finally won.

I’m not much into NASCAR, especially the last decade or so with the big track restrictor plate racing, but I liked Dale Earnhardt’s statement shortly before he passed a way. “I’m either going to win or crash trying.” That was kind of Nolan’s approach for a long time, especially back in the old SWC days. I wouldn’t mind seeing a return to that in Razorback basketball. If we don’t win, okay, it happens, but it should never because the other team had a better effort, as was the case last night, especially on the boards. I would practice tonight and maybe right up until class tomorrow, until someone quit after that performance.

Here’s the way I’ve seen our Hogs this season. They have so many new pieces that our two key performers from last year haven’t been comfortable with their role from game to game (Dusty & Moses). I certainly had hoped by now the highly touted JUCO transfers would’ve found their nitch and that has remained inconsistent game to game. Having said that, perhaps they get it figured out in time to salvage the remainder of the season and possibly get to 20 wins, but I do think that’s about as good as it could possibly get with the 1-3 start to conference play and 0-2 at home.
I do get very frustrated watching games and at times see a lineup on the floor that has to few players that can score and it’s those times when you hear the announcer say “Hogs on a four or five minute scoring drought”, you simply can’t have those scoring droughts during each half of every game and expect to be a serious contender.
Finally, Coach Anderson has to recruit at the very least a couple of real strong men to pose an inside presence at both ends of the floor and we don’t currently have that type of player. For crying out loud you can watch the top half of the teams in the Missouri Valley Conference and see better interior players than what have had at Arkansas since Coach Anderson has been at the helm. During the Nolan era we didn’t win the Championship until we had a taem balanced with speed, size and sharp shooters. Truck Robinson and Lee Wilson didn’t start but had a huge impact on our overall toughness in the paint, we don’t have that’s what we need to go along with talented guards and small forwards. That’s the Nolan Richardson blueprint to success now go recruit it and be a champion once again.

I certainly understand everyone’s frustration over our basketball program. Anderson has made some miscues in recruiting, Allen and Monk left for their own reasons and the others not being recruited is a bit of a mystery. But Anderson seems to have rectified his instate recruiting. Anderson needs to stay away from “Projects” or " Tremendous upside" player in the future. For those who keep saying Anderson needs to go needs to realize he’s not going anywhere for the next two years due to his strong 2017 and 2018 classes. But, if in these two years the team shows little improvement, all bets are off.

Amen to that!! We need tough guys controlling the glass in the paint…

CBB does beat some top 25 teams, so I’d say they are about the same. Doesn’t matter how good of job your doing in recruiting if it does not get you more wins. Which team will face the most top 25 rated teams this season, if MA was faced with playing 40% of his games against top 25 teams as the football team did what would his winning percentage be? Both MA and BB are painting themselves into a corner I’m not sure they can get out, nothing would please me more than to see both of these guys succeed and have a long career at Arkansas. I believe it will take something of a change of mindset for both going forward to turn things around, both have been good in all aspects except in win and losses. WPS

I said that right after a loss, just venting… Of course I wouldn’t fire MA, he will get the basketball train on the right track eventually, we just need to chill and be patient.

Bielema is a different story. Every year no one wants to work with him, it’s hard to build stability to sell to recruits, when if you’re truthful, you don’t know from yr to yr who the coaches will be. Don’t get me wrong RS was in over his head in the SEC, that’s only a plus that he’s gone. But every yr he’s been here has been turmoil.

Obviously it was not a mistake to bring MA back. Excluding this year, the average of our last 4 recruiting classes is the middle of SEC. However, with average talent, our team is in the top 30% of the SEC. Therefore, MA is superior to the average SEC coach and all SEC coaches are very good or else they replaced.

On that basis alone, hiring MA was a smart move. However, now that MA has corrected many of the problems he inherited, the next two classes average in the top quarter of the SEC or better and for Arkansas that is far above average recruiting.