For Those Of You - - -

      • who plan to attend the Missouri game next week; - - I heartily commend you for your loyalty and your perseverance. If you find it within yourselves to put the distractions of massive public unrest and the volatile emotionalism displays aside and show up to support The Razorbacks, my hat is off to you.

God bless you for showing your true colors, and for exemplifying the very best of Arkansas Razorbacks spirit and integrity.


Second the motion.

My heart goes out to the seniors who have endured this train wreck for 4+years. I hope the fans will turn out to support them and show CBB the door. If I lived in driving distance I would go to support the players. Please don’t take your hard feelings out on the players.

Yep… we, as Hogs fans (true fans not homers), need to show up and support the team and the players, as long as the fat coach is canned.
Only id…iots support and be loyal to the millionaire, horrendous coach.

For some among us, “class” is a two syllable word; - - - “c-l” - and “a-s-s”.