For those of you....

who try and find or simply make up faults with our coaches, and never see the things they do right, all I can say is it will suck to be you for the foreseeable future. Cause CMA and CBB are going no where any time soon. Both our football and basketball programs were in as bad a shape as they had been in the past 40 years when these guys took over. The will get a very long leash when it comes to raising the programs to where they need to be. Good grief, baseball season cranks up in a couple weeks, can’t wait to hear the hate for DVH, even if we have been wildly successful in baseball for his entire career here, save one season.

another rout

16 wins and 5 losses. At the beginning of the season I would imagine anyone would take that record 21 games into the season.


Routed again tonight

We suck , loosesa

Yes oink, we all know how ecstatic you are with the Hogs losing today. And a blow out too!! By golly it’s a Chili’s celebration dinner for you I’m sure. Be sure to tip the waiter.

Of course we are never ecstatic over a loss. However, considering our poor recruiting base, it is reasonable to not expect a win whenever we play another SEC or top 30 team and to be thrilled if we do win.

IMHO, when it comes to the Hogs playing against other SEC teams and top 30 teams we should expect a win some, lose some kinda motto. As you say, with our recruiting base and certain inhibitors, we do have an uphill climb.

The sky is not falling! Across the country the media hates us and we have people here that pretend to be fans and constantly complain! Find something to be positive about. If you can’t find a dark corner and get drunk!
MA and CBB are good coaches and are doing a good job! Outside of too historically horrible chockes at Missouri and against VATech. If we want our hogs to be winners we have to support them win or lose

I believe I am accurate in that Arkansas has lost one game that it was favored in this year - Mississippi State.

And has won seven in which it was the underdog

Yep, but facts don’t matter to people who are prejudiced against this team

I’m not prejudiced against this team. I cheer with everything when they win and I am deeply disappointed when we lose. I want the program to succeed, to get back to the level of Nolan Richardson’s days, and I don’t care what coach gets us there. You say they have won seven games in which we were an underdog. They also lost to Kentucky and Florida, which I am assuming they would have been underdogs in. They lost to OK St., and the last I saw before the game, Oklahoma St. was 7 point favorites. That would be 10 games out of 21 games they were favored to lose. My argument on this is that with the schedule they have played, being underdogs in about half of them shows where our program is. I understand Kentucky, Florida, Oklahoma St., and Minnesota being favored over us. Some would even say Texas, but I believe (could be wrong), they had already lost to UT-Arlington when we played them. My point is that it is disappointing that our program is in a position to be favored to lose that many games with our schedule. That is more a reflection of the state of the program than anything else. When I look at our 16 wins, the only game they won that I wouldn’t consider a bad loss had they not won, was Houston. All the other teams we have defeated, I expect to beat those teams. Losing to them would be disappointing, much like it was when we lost to Miss St, or when our football team lost to Toledo. I expect to beat them. Also, I don’t subscribe to the whole idea that winning on the road against mediocre teams in conference is huge. As a former college athlete, beating bad to mediocre teams on the road should be expected, not a measuring stepping stone of where the program is. For what its worth, General, I appreciate your back and forth with me on the board the last few days. Even though we don’t agree on everything, I appreciate the respectful dialogue.

I agree with you, I mentioned this to BLU the other day, when you actually look at our schedule (and remaining schedule). We are beating the teams we are SUPPOSED to beat. That’s not a bad thing. We play 10 more teams and we are favored in 8 of them. That would put us at 24-7. That’s good enough to dance. Now, there have been times when we lost games we weren’t supposed to lose. Compared to then we are going in the right direction.

I never said you were. My comment was directed at certain individuals that most of us that post here regularly know like Oinkbait who look for any excuse to dump all over the team or the coach.

I will support all Razorback programs no matter what. However, I will give my unvarnished opinion when our teams are not performing well. With the exception of track, women’s soccer, gymnastics and the baseball team in 2015, our sports teams are not very good. I can remember when a top 25 ranking was commonplace with several of those programs - not anymore. We have an athletic director who does not sufficiently hold coaches accountable, spends too much money on just about everything and simply fails to feel the tortuous pain passionate Razorback fans have when our football team blows two huge leads in the final two games of the season. Instead, he tweets the “sky is not falling”. In the big picture of life the sky will not fall if the Razorbacks lose. However, when the Razorbacks won, I watched my own mother battling cancer get out of bed and dance around the house. All of her pain, depression and upset subsided - even if just for a little while. Winning the National Championship in 1994 served as a constant reminder to her why life was worth living and fighting the cancer 5 years earlier was so important. It’s time that he understand why the fans around here can get so angry because a whole lot more rides on our win/loss record than meets the eye of an athletic director who really does not bleed Razorback red.