For Old Timers, Texas Feelings Still Strong

Sad not to see a huge response to Clay’s article. Growing up, winning the Texas game made the season a success. The week of the game was “Texas Week.” It was life. The most heartbreaking loss of all time for me was the 1969 game. Fast forward to the first game of 2020 and it was the most fun I have ever had at a football game as he Hogs dominated Texas in the Cotton Bowl. I shared this story with Wally Hall several years ago but I recall watching the '69 game with my mother. She had no interest in sports whatsoever. However, she sat down to watch the game with her 14 year-old son. By halftime, she was commenting about how she hated the Texas fight song. She hung with me for the entire game and could not believe how it ended. For the remainder of the time I lived under the same roof with her, we watched the game together. She NEVER saw me play but she didn’t miss the Texas game. There are so many great stories that could be shared with the younger crowd (i.e. Bill McClard’s downturned hook 'em horns before he kicked off. The 14-13 win in LR during our last year in the SWC.) I suppose another great rivalry can be created over the years but I cannot fathom anything coming close to the Arkansas-Texas game. I wish coach Pittman would make it a priority to appeal to the students and younger fans to revive the emotion that was a part of the game for so many years. Go Hogs!


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