Football this Spring and Summer

I think for Arkansas to get into position to challenge in the toughest division in College Football, a lot will depend on the development of Arkansas’ RB’s in the off season.

Sam Pittman was coaching at GA and other places, before Arkansas. You look at one of the greatest RB’s in the history of the game, that played at GA, Herschel Walker, he wasn’t that great coming out of high school, in anything really…lol… But he was a workout machine. He would do 2000-3000 push up’s a day. Continually work on his speed, where for a big guy, he developed elite speed… The guy was maybe the best off season preparation guy in the history of the game… Arkansas has 2 RB’s with NFL potential, but they have to put in the work. There’s a reason RB’s have the shortest career’s of all position’s in sports. Because they take a lot of abuse. You have to develop that body to where hits are an after thought. If they do, Arkansas could surprise, and be a fairly solid football squad.

Herschel was the number one rated running back that year. Eyebrows were raised when he drove a brand new car to UGA that was paid for by his grandmother, a postal worker.

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Not only the # 1 RB but # 1 recruit. With elite speed coming out of HS. He did work out a lot, starting at the age of 11 or 12. Mostly all isometrics, not much if any weight lifting.

I should restate what I meant. He was a complete idiot, there literally were trees smarter than him. lol… He was overweight and very dumb. But he went to work on himself, and became one of the top 20 best RB’s of all time.

I remember the coach, Dooley I think, had thoughts on a redshirt for him but around the end of the first half of the first game, Tennessee, the coach put Herschel in with the ball around the Tennessee ten or so and Hershcel ran over about five Vols to score and became the RB.

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