Football recruiting!

I think Arkansas is a good opportunity for NFL prospects right now. Pittman has put a ton of prospects into the pros, and if you can play, undoubtedly you will play at Arkansas. And playing in the SEC West is the best way in college to get ready for the NFL.

Will be a big selling point going forward.

The great part is the name Sam Pittman will get doors opened to top recruits that other wise wouldn’t be for the Hogs. I know CSP has yet to prove himself as a head coach on the field, but one would have to admit he has things trending the right way. I think with next season under his belt if he has things going his way, we could see some of the best recruits headed to Fayetteville in the near future. All the excitement so far has been great and we don’t have a clue who the OC will be yet, but you have to believe it will be top shelf. Long, long way to go before the Hogs take the field under CSP but the thoughts of kicking the cellar door open and walking in sunshine instead of darkness has me revved up. WPS

And my thinking is Coach Pittman will not leave when some body comes and throws a ton of money at him to leave for another coaching job and you know that will happen…

CSP will be around for a long time - while. Coaching here and Retired I think.
Will be the next one sitting in on HC press conferences and being referenced with much respect, some years down the line.