Football Recruiting

That product that we put on display at home against TCU certainly could not have left a positive impression on most recruits that were in attendance and i read that we hosted a big number of them last weekend.
Those type of performances could actually see us lose some of the commitments that we currently have, especially if the season continues on a downward spiral which is completely realistic if changes in personnel and in game schematic adjustments don’t start to take place.

Hope it gets better!?

Offensively, the game was a disaster, players and coaches, IMO. So, any recruit that watched that and came away with any positive feelings for joining the Razorbacks, God love him. Lots has to happen to improve performance. AA didn’t just forget how to play the game even though he had some mistakes. His receivers have to do better at continuing pass patterns. Saturday most were just stopping when they failed to get open. Got to do something with AA scrambling for his life, if it’s breaking the pattern and just running back toward the QB.

By the time A&M, SC, Bama, and Auburn gets finished with this group of WRs they may be totally and irreversibly shell shocked.

Defensively, I thought the players accomplished what the DC asked them to do. Control the QB running and over the top passing game. But TCU was allowed too many third down conversions. Overall, I still think the defense played much better than last year’s team. We were not going to win with the score at 14-7 late in the fourth quarter; just hated it for the team that TCU was able to punch across the last two TDs.

Defensive recruits probably didn’t leave with a bitter taste regarding the game outcome if they had any knowledge of last year’s team.