Football needs more athletes..

Where is Arkansas at with Gerry Bohanon, Ladarius Bishop, and Nathan Page? You can give me all the Bumper Pool’s and Connor Nolan’s in America, but we won’t win in the SEC with them, which is the problem with the last cpl coaches, size don’t make great, (((heart))) makes great. Seabiscuit was small, but had heart, Bielema can take all of those huge over sized doofuses on our OL with him back to Wisconsin, give me some tough blockers with heart… Move that one kid from Amsterdamn or wherever back to defense, he has heart, but it was knocked out of him by poor coaching.

I agree with some of this, but I don’t understand the reasoning of putting Froholdt back on defense since he now has two years experience at guard in the SEC and by all accounts did pretty good work this past year. Is he an All-SEC guard? Maybe not, but we could (and have) do certainly worse than him.

The Dutchmen is a good Olineman now. He needs to stay right where he is. Gibson will add to that. The question is will Wallace improve with another Oline coach.
Oline needs to be improved for the hogs to compete. Yes we need young men with heart. That has always been the recipe to win HEART.

Expect a youth movement on the Oline.

Also expect to see some lighter and more athletic linemen. The days of the 330 pound road graders are gone.

I expect to see new linemen on the line, but wouldn’t think it too smart to throw out those with good experience (and by good experience I mean those who have been successful, not just those who have been in games). I’d suspect a plan for lighter, quicker line, and that may mean leaning up a few already on campus as well as new players.

That is not what I am saying at all. What i expect is that allmof these OL who have been in system 3+ yrs and never leared the playbook well enough to get signifigant playing time to be pushed to the side by RS and True Frosh. Players like Zach Rogers will start.

You may very well be right about that. I’d expect Rogers on the line. We’ll see how it shakes out.

So you think Bohannon, Bishop, and Page are the key to winning the SEC? How is Nolan a unqualified QB for you?

Noland may be the better QB for Morris’ system, he is a much more polished passer. Bishop is a stud but apparently wants to go out of state. Page is gifted and should be attainable. We really need Billy Farrell I never understood why Bielema always slow played in state athletes.

He’s Danish. From Denmark.

Been away from this board for awhile. Read the posts on this thread and here are my observations about the QB situation. Cole Kelly is either gonna transfer,learn to run the ball a little better, or he is gonig to ride the bench and that goes for Ty Storey as well. As for the recruits at QB, I see both Bohannon of Earle and Nolan of Greenwood as two good fits for the up tempo offensive scheme that CCM wants to run. They are both good runners/passers. As for the OL, mercy didn’t they look slow the last two years! Its true that HEART has a lot to do with power blocking. It appeared to me that there was more focus on technique that real POWER. Listen you got to want to dominate your opponent-I’ve been there I know. That is not what I saw with the exception being Dan Skipper every now and then. Any of you watch some of the old SWC conference games and observe how those guys were coming across the line to smack somebody instead of out-technique them? Those guys were hitting some people! Maybe we should go down to about 290-295lbs on the line and then change the coaching. What say ya’ll? WPS