Football and Ed Orgeron

I like football and basketball, but at the end of the day, this is a game. If one of these kids gets sick and dies on his team, unless he’s a Sociopath, he’s going to feel bad about that for a long time.

They’re going to have vaccines and treatments by 2021, it’s not going to kill us to miss another yr of sports. I don’t want any of our kids to get sick and die, over a stupid game. How do you explain that to the parents? Our desire to quench our desire not to be bored, killed your son or daughter, my bad!

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Not sure what Orgeron said, did or didn’t do, so I am not responding to that aspect of your post, but in general I am sure that involvement in close contact sports has greater exposure to contracting the virus so I understand the desire to place restrictions and even postpone/delay seasons, but in my day to day observations, the kids are not that unlikely to be participating in non-sanctioned/sponsored or pick-up games and likely exposing themselves to similar risks. This is not to promote either side of the issue, just pointing out why some may see playing sports as not being that extreme a position. I suspect the sports and in class learning decision makers are paying as much attention to the Morgan and Morgan television advertising budget as they are to science and public opinion.

He also said football is the lifeblood of this country, sorry, but that’s b/s. I like Ed, I agree with him on most things, but he’s 100% wrong on this. Football is a game! No game is ever worth even one person dying over, especially if it can be avoided.

Either way it won’t be Ed’s decision to play or not to play.

You should hold true to your obvious virtue and commit right now to not watch football if it is played this fall, or even support it indirectly by posting about it on message boards.

I know you ain’t talking lol…

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