Food 4 Thought

Wow…that last plays fuels the impulse to rant about my discontent with a whole host of issues, but I’ll stay the course with my thoughts for this post. (Next play the luck rains our way) During the course of a lifetime, things happen totally outside our individual control. Covers every aspect of life, and encompasses the entirety of our existence. The handful of aspects we do have a say in are 100% correlated to your attitude and subsequent behavior. All that said, looking back only gives us some framework of what we don’t want. Our heritage is derived from the accumulation of the successes and failures. If we recruit at a high level consistently for a full eligibility cycle, and we are no better than today, we can then assess the coaching. We’ve mostly replaced the subpar talent with higher potential, but zero experience. This isn’t Alabama folks, so our incoming freshman need some additional grooming, that we are watching as we speak. Watch the recruiting, and measure the progress from game to game. We may need some drastic changes…but, we don’t know at this point.