Florida or Vandy?

Assuming we win tonight, who would you rather face in the semi-finals? Vandy is hot right now and we lost both regular season match ups against the Gators. I personally would rather face Vanderbilt. If they beat Florida, it’ll take a lot of effort and the fatigue will show against the Hogs. Who do you guys want to see the Razorbacks play in the semi-finals?

I’ll take either. We have a score to settle with both.

Let’s take care of Ole Miss. We have to win tonight for that to matter! After we win tonight I prefer Vanderbilt to win in order for them to get another good win to get into the Dance. Them having tired legs against us sure I like it. But I’d rather beat Florida and the K. Allen.

first take care of Ole Miss who will be out for blood tonight. as for your question, it depends on what we’d like the hogs to accomplish in Nashville. if we get FL it gives us chance at signature win to help with seeding for NCAA’s. actually it would give us 2 shots, assuming KY wins in semis. wins over those 2 squads would vault us up the seeding. if our goal is to win tourney, id rather face Vandy then SC. that wouldnt give us a huge win in tourney but we’d be the SEC champs and should move us up some during selection sunday. lets go hogs, drum Ole Miss. WPS

Vandy would be a good win! It won’t do as much as beating Florida would be better I do agree. Just beat Ole Miss.
Vandy won’t be a cake walk.