Florida 16 LSU 10

This game was played in Baton Rouge and by winning, Florida became the SEC East Division Champ.

I remember when I was questioning last week on this board how a Hog defense could give up (12 Yards) rushing against Florida, then turn around the next week and give up (390 Yards) rushing against LSU. A poster here responded with the superiority of LSU athletes. I replied for him to wait until the game above was played.

Arkansas played both Florida & LSU in Fayetteville. How could the Arkansas defense give up the absolutely absurd extreme differences in rushing yards to these two teams that led directly to one being a win, the other being a loss? These type of statistical extremes can only fall at the feet of coaching. Bielema has got to correct these type weird elements inflecting losses or he will never last but several more years here. He seems to be like driving an old wreck where something will always go wrong on a long trip. Long trip being synonymous to a football season.

Uh, Bielema is not what we call a “good coach,” so correction of these sorts of things isn’t in the future for the Hogs. Enjoy your Music City and Liberty bowls.

WarHog…this is probably one of the FEW times a will agree with you. Yep,CBB must make a major change on the defensive staff right after the season is over. HOGS YA’LL.