Fla/A&M game

There student section isn’t social distancing. Is this how it is for all student sections? kinda weird and Defeats the purpose to me.

One thing you can safely say about A&M: They aren’t the brightest crayons in the box. I know this from experience.

I hear ya, just seems like they should be fined. I haven’t seen other student sections this jammed packed. Maybe I overlooked.

I can’t speak for other programs, but I’m willing to bet that A&M does have regulations on social distancing that the students are ignoring. The announcers even said it looks like there are more people in the stadium than are supposed to be allowed.

Now I gotta see my acquaintances from A&M brag about this game for a week until they fall on their face again.

Good game, wanted fla to win to. LSwho just lost to mizz!

I think we’re going to have reconsider our definition of the word “upset” this year. These are no longer playing out like true upsets. Perhaps, we should use “left disgruntled?

Auburn was left disgruntled by Arkansas.

A&M made agreed arrangements with PTB, Students, season ticket holders, donors, etc. Allow students first pick. Fill up student section first and go from there.

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