Fizzle, Sizzzzz..... Pop

Don’t know if someone has already made this point --can’t figure how to use these boards anymore—but our 2nd half fizzle was not a end-of-year occurrence. It happened every game…watched it all year: teams adjusted and started pressuring our QB when they took out the tight end on every play. I was getting a little annoyed at the lack of surprise in Coach Enos’ play calling, until I realized, his fulcrum on the edge was lost when no one showed up at tight end this year to pair with Sprink. It is key to all pro-style offenses…you want to establish the run, but you also need to have the safety valve to depressurize defenses, keeping them honest or they will figure out how to shut you down. Watch Alabama game for a primer in shut down. Unfortunately, it is a fact…by losing Hunter Henry early, we were destined to lose games even before we played them.