First game observations

Well, against an FCS team, the Hogs showed their frailties, I’m afraid. Offensive line couldn’t gain control enough to create any sort of running game. In fact, they got beat on way too many occasions against a FCS defensive line. Hog defensive line couldn’t get any pressure to speak of, which allowed for too many second-and-long or third-and-long first downs. Chavis was out-coached on several of those plays. Tackling was mediocre. Punting was horrid. If it weren’t for the 5 turnovers, the game would’ve been very close.

But … the receiving corps showed proficiency. Ty Storey really stepped it up. Bumper Pool brought it. Connor Limpert was steady as a rock (though kickoff distance is still a problem).

So, though I am no coach or seasoned media pundit, I would grade today’s effort like this:

Offensive line: D+
Defensive line: D
Quarterbacks: A
Running backs: C (though a higher grade would’ve been highly probably if there had been adequate blocking)
Receivers: A
Defensive backs: C- (too many missed tackles in open field)
Linebackers: B- (couldn’t shed blocks)

Please don’t criticize me for what I write above. Too easy. Instead, I ask for your game assessments and grades. Thanks.

Quarterbacks B (they’ve not arrived; still work to be done)
Running backs C+ (hard to say they were good, but also it takes a line to tango in runs)
Receivers A- (always room to get better)
Tight ends C (weren’t targeted or utilized enough with Hudson Henry in the hosue)
Offensive line C- (as bad as the run blocking was, they did keep QBs upright in passing)
Defensive line D (didn’t like them early, but did think their depth helped later in game)
Linebackers B (Greenlaw 10 tackles in a quarter, BPool big day. Room to grow)
Defensive backs C (Chevin beat deep twice as was Tutt. Again, room to grow)
Place-kicking A (Limpert did well, including in kickoffs)
Punting D (Can’t have two punts go for 25 yards or less)

Just an opinion. No expert here.

I agree about game plan not featuring TEs much when Hudson Henry is on his visit. Recall he wanted to see how we utilized our TEs. We did, but only marginally.

Without the fumbles, the game would have been close. That would have eliminated several of our touchdowns and, in effect, given them 5 more possessions. Nevertheless, fumbles are part of the games and creating fumbles appears to be what Arkansas attempts to do.

I largely agree with the opinions registered above. I wish that I was not obliged to; - - but - in all honesty, - - sadly, I am.

I know that we have a new scheme, with a new coaching staff. First game jitters and mental mistakes probably played a significant part in the less-than-stellar performance of both our OL and DL, our running game and the atrocious punting.

I hope to see a MUCH more polished, prepared and proficient Hogs team perform this coming Saturday.

Please, Lord; let it be, - - let it be, - - let it be, - - let it be. I’ll give up enchiladas, Lord; - - - just PLEASE let it be.

Was that last part supposed to be put to music? :lol: