Fired up coach

We need a coach with some fire in his step when a player does wrong and misses a assignment. OL missing blocks, piss poor tackling and now a lazy start of the 2nd half. Next week will be embarrassing With this kinda play.

And I hit submit right when we return interception for a touchdown. Still I like to see a coach with some Fire to get these guys fired up!! WPS!!

Do you mean like … ah never mind. :lol:

LOl kinda! :slight_smile: I like how Sabah gets fired up at players and coaches.

I get what you are saying.

I don’t believe a man has to be a screaming maniac to lead young men successfully.

I agree with the maniac, I’m saying I don’t like to see a mamas boy coach after the same mistakes being made by the same player, OL for a example. Maybe I have missed it and it has happened.

Big difference between what he posted “some fire in his step when a player does wrong and misses a assignment” versus your derived conclusion of “has to be a screaming maniac to lead young men successfully”. I don’t think anyone wants a screaming maniac i.e. Mike Ditka, but I am on board with the marcm statement of need for some fire.

Yes sir, what I meant :idea:

Even Choirboy like Mike Anderson shows some fire. He loves to take that jacket off. One day, I will have to ask him what will he do if he has already thrown his jacket and get ticked off later in the game? OL is pathetic, no way it should be an issue on ANY CBB team. They just showed graph of how it has declined over CBB years citing Enos.

That’s fair. I consider Saban a bit of a screaming maniac. I dont like his sideline demeanor or the way he treats coaches and kids.

That’s where I made the correlation.

I am OK with Coach B’s sideline demeanor. I think the team understands him and where they stand. They dont need him all fired up to know when he is unhappy.

I get what ur saying, but OL CA needs to have some fire in his ol.

While I absolutely agree that the O-line must get way better, I have seen several times in the last few weeks where the RB’s have missed the hole and not made the right read on a lead block. Not excusing the O-line by any means, but the RBs have not helped in many instances as well.

Agree, but when u go 2 series on the GL and lose and this line can’t block a Alcorn State and get a half a yard something is wrong with this kinda line. Young I knw just stating my opinion.

Lol he had a good mentor, Ole Nolan!!

Alcorn State went for a yard several times and they got it. On the Hog’s fourth & one in the first half, they failed. They failed to get a yard about a dozen times in totality inside the five yard line against Texas A&M. However if you can not get ONE YARD against Alcorn State. Who in the SEC will you be able to get that yard? We best stop being a run team inside the five and just pass. Enos needs to work on goal line pass plays. I wonder if they can see that??

Yeap spot on, the lack of experience with the O-line, RBs, and the insertion a new O-line coach has, IMHO, has created a perfect storm of issues that must be corrected for this team to excel.

Guess will see next Saturday if we even get inside the five.

That is different discussion as to whether or not Saban is screaming maniac. I think the intent of the post was to state an opinion “to get some more fire out of coaches”, you seem to object with that premise and prefer status quo. That is simple enough and understood. No need to extend what was being said to diminish the view, was my point.

I was following the conversation and the OP expressed satisfaction for Saban’s sideline style. That to me was an indication of the fire he was looking for on the sideline. I dont think that is an unfair conclusion to draw.

Regardless, I have no issue with fire, I just have an issue with a demeaning sideline style of coaches such as Saban, Petrino and Muschamp.

Houston Nutt is a good example of what I am talking about.