Fire Morris

Loss is on the Coach. Maybe Chad should have worried about his game prep instead of flying to Dallas. Hatfield lost his job by losing to The Citadel. He single handedly saved Bobo’s job.

He should personally refund every fans ticket that was at this game. Not only an embarrassment for the school but also the SEC. Just imagine if we had to play CU or Hawaii. They would have stomped us. You can always blame it on the altitude like everyone else. Players deserve more commitment from Coach.

Cant wait until Monday at my office as all the CSU fans remind me that they won.

Bit of an overreaction, especially for your first comment. One game doesn’t determine a coaches tenure. And it was Crowe not Hatfield who lost to Citadel. But Citadel isn’t on the same playing field as CSU, so not really a good comparison. I feel for you having to deal with other CSU’s fanbase at work. I’ve dealt with the same thing in the past, but we play them again in Arkansas and revenge can be sweet.

I am not sure it is revenge when you beat a team you should have beaten by 30 points but did not.

No, It’s not time to fire Morrison. He has to have time to get this losing mentality out of this program. Our players are infected. Right now, our program need serious help. Somehow…someway, he has to get our players to rise to occasion and play with a winning attitude.

Little early.

No excuse for the loss, but that’s cart before the horse in my opinion.

Fire Morris? You sir, are an idiot.

No one is getting fired. We lost a game we should have won. I’ll guarantee (well let me say I believe) we will win a game this year we shouldn’t win.


Our Hogs will be favored to win in only possibly 3 of their remaining games, North Texas and maybe Vanderbilt.
So, you believe we will somehow win a game we aren’t favored against Alabama, Auburn, Mississippi State, Missouri, Ole Miss, South Carolina or Texas A&M?
I love my Hogs, but this team this year I don’t believe is capable of winning any of these games wit the current roster makeup.
After a couple good recruiting cycles we may be ready to compete and win 3 or 4 of these SEC games, but not this year and probably not next year either.
This is a complete overhaul in reshaping our roster that Coach Morris and staff have to do.

I do like your passion though!

Go Hogs!

Dang. Don’t y’all know Morrison has been gone for nearly 48 years. They found the fellow dead in a bathtub in Paris. No one knows why he died but many suspect that Pamela Courson killed him when he tried to go fourth and one on her. Who knows?

Note to Morris: Don’t ever trust a hog defense to hold a late lead. They were getting torched the entire
second half. Bret could have told you that if you had asked him, maybe, but he never quite seemed to
learn the lesson either. Maybe you will start playing to win instead of playing “not to lose”.

Posting something like this after game two or even in the first couple of seasons is ridiculous.

If Morris was smart he would go ahead and call this season a loss. He should go all out the rest of the season and not try to be so conservative on his play calling. Fourth and 1 you have to go for it against a smaller FBS school. The play calling was like the coaches of the past… scared conservative, just trying to hold on to the win… Morris needs to play to score! Trying to be conservative and holding on to the lead has killed Arkansas in the past and it will continue to kill them in the future unless Morris grows a pair and stops calling plays like Houston Nutt. Look at the top teams and you will see that they call plays to score on every possession. Arkansas will not be a top tier team until a coach (maybe Morris, maybe not) understands that you play to score not to maintain the lead. So for the rest of the season he should call his plays with that in mind. It’s not like he is going to get fired after one year. If for some miracle he pulls of 5-6 wins, he might get a contract extension like some of his predecessors.

Morris had been outcoached all three games…didn’t he have a losing record overall before here…Arkansas will end up winning this game eventually (maybe) because of so much more talent, but coaching won’t be why

What game was this??? the North Texas game? bawwwwawwwaaaawwaaa

Fire Chad Morris after three games? - - - - Really? - - - - - - - - And hire WHOM? :?:

Hair-trigger disappointments and premature disenchantment are - unfortunately - notorious hallmarks of human nature, - - - and are thus understandable to a certain degree. But summarily firing Morris and making a change merely for the sake of making a change - ANY kind of change, - - to just ANYONE, - - - whether the newly-proposed hire purports to be good, bad or indifferent - - would be needlessly and perilously cost inefficient, and would be foolish in the extreme, being totally devoid of foresight and long-range goals planning.

Knee-jerk reactions are notoriously ill thought out. :roll:

If any of us thought that Chad would bring a sprinkle of fairy dust and right the ship I’d suggest that was fantasy. If we really want a winning program, a little support in the early stages of transition might be helpful. The talent generally is there with some positional glaring deficiencies. Technique and tenacity will come. We were 4/8 last year. Arkansas football is a worthwhile project, it takes a little bit of help and patience from everyone to make that happen.

As a parent of three girls and a surgeon, I tried to always attend their sporting events. Many of my colleagues did the same.
As long as the University doesn’t have a problem with the scheduling aspect and travel expense to his sons game, why should that concern anyone? I hereby release you to drop it from consideration.

It will certainly be a whole lot easier to achieve the goal we all want with what I alluded to in the first paragraph, some support. As for me I’ve got our head coach Morris and our players back.

Barnhill should have fired Frank.

Morris is trying to win with a roster that was constructed to compete in the Big Ten West (or Legends or Leaders or whatever they call it these days); not the SEC West. I take heart that Nebraska is 0-2 with a new but popular coach, UCLA is 0-3 with a new but proven winner and Florida State is 1-2 with guy who with his local connections will recruit Florida as well as anyone can. As Scott Frost said to the Nebraska faithful (and I paraphrase), “It’s gonna get worse before it gets better.” We are in the same predicament. I am proud to say that Danny Ford and Bret Bielema both got 5 full years. Unless Chad Morris does a “Bobby Petrino”, he deserves the same. However, Coach Morris needs to make better game day coaching decisions (i.e. going for it on 4th and 1 at mid field against Colorado State or playing Ty Storey when Cole Kelley proved ineffective before playing the freshmen to at least try to get back in the game against NTSU). If he cannot at least make coaching decisions based on some level of sound football reasoning, then he is going make the road a whole lot rockier on him and his staff than it ever has to be - even if it means running off some guys who won’t buy into what he is trying to do which is drag the Razorback program kicking and screaming into the realm of 21st Century football. IN the meantime, don’t watch if it just puts you in a terrible mood (like myself) and raises your blood pressure to excessive levels. None of this is worth getting a stroke or a heart attack. It will get better but I just don’t know when.

This will be a similar reply that someone else made earlier, but let’s just say in a totally unrealistic fantasy world, you (Arkansas) had hired Nick Saban instead of Chad Morris. Do you really think we would be any better off record-wise than we are now? I don’t believe we would. It is a fact that Coach Morris is having to try and fit a square peg into a round hole by having to use the players that Coach Bielema recruited in the offensive system that Coach Morris is trying to run. It simply isn’t going to work. Period. Yes, we are all arm-chair quarterbacks here, but I believe Coach Morris needs to run more of a Pro-style offense this year until he can get his first recruiting class on campus. Yes, I know that is the type of offense that Bielema’s staff ran, but obviously something needs to change. Here’s hoping the Hogs can win a few more games before the season ends. Go Hogs!

I wonder just how many of you illustrious, highly opinionated dunderheads would order - and pay for - a $40 steak in a fine steak house only to get up and leave the steak almost intact on your plate - paying your tab and exiting the restaurant after discovering that there was a fatty rim on one edge of your steak - - which - OF COURSE - would thoroughly spoil your meal experience and prompt you to spurn the remainder of your steak and leave the restaurant $40 poorer - and STILL HUNGRY?

“Fire Morris” AT THIS JUNCTURE - - and be thereby thus obliged to pony up HIS severance salary IN ADDITION TO BIELEMA’S SEVERANCE SETTLEMENT?

Come on, people!!! - - - - Do your thinking from your NORTH Pole, - - - - not your SOUTH Pole!!!

Good grief! Beam me up, Scotty!!!