Fastest 40 Fun and WHS

Much “love” and congrats to Mike Anderson, staff and Razorback players on an outstanding post season. The guys brought it on Sunday and NC knew that they were in a battle. But for a couple of ridiculous calls at the end of the game, the UA would likely be sweet 16 bound. The stripes were misleading and the zebras would have been better suited in Carolina blue.

Quick review:

UA, Fayetteville 73
UM, Oxford 72

UA, Fayeteville 76
UG, Athens 62

UA, Fayetteville 65
UK, Lexington 82

UA, Fayetteville 77
Seton Hall, New Jersey 71

UA, Fayetteville 65
UNC, Chapel Hill 72

Again, an outstanding effort by some talented players as well as coaches and the restart of good things to come.

Special thank you:

As a side note, many thanks to WHS for persistently explaining where the UA is located. Without such guidance and wisdom, most Hog fans would undoubtedly wonder whether the story was relating to the UA, Fayetteville or the UA, Little Rock or the UA, Monticello or the UA, Pine Bluff. :roll:


WHS ran a story today and quoted Manny Watkins. In response to a question, Manny said: “The Razorbacks are on the map,” He went on to say, "Everyone knows about us and this isn’t the last time you’re going to see them here in March playing for championships.

“There’s going to be a lot more winning for the University of Arkansas.”

Given the context of Manny’s statement, other than WHS, is there a Razorback fan on the planet wondering or confused about the location of the University of Arkansas? I don’t think so.

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