Fans Show UP!!!!

We have a reason to back this team(we always have, but you know). With a signature win last night we have a punchers chance at making the tourney. Ole Miss is a hot team at the moment and we need fans to show up Saturday to push our boys over the finish line. If fans can show up for a failing football team, SURELY you can show up for a successful basketball team that still have something to play for.

I don’t think throwing shade on the football team brightens the light on the basketball team, being that we just won our first game against a ranked team in two years compared to how many top ranked wins the football team has had in the same time period! I’m with you in hoping BWA is sold out with fans eager to support the basketball team just as they did the football team at the stadium. WPS

Not my intent. My intent was to explain/if not shame fans who will pay more money to see a football team that fell behind expectations and not show up for a basketball team that has overachieved according to most fans predictions of this season. And this wasn’t our first victory in 2 years over a top ranked team, this was our first win in 2 years over a top ranked team on the road. We beat 2 top ranked teams last year I believe, A&M and I think LSU was ranked at the time, at home.

Wooo hooo! The basketball team beat two…TWO top ranked teams. The basketball team is awesome! The football team beat three top ranked teams (TCU #15, Ole Miss #12, Florida #10). The football team sucks… long live basketball. Arkansas “fans”

I’ve got to agree with the General. I don’t think he at all meant, “Stop going to the football games.” Besides, almost any win in SEC play in football is likely to be over a ranked opponent since a large proportion of SEC teams, especially in the west, are ranked. Only three of our SEC basketball opponents this year have been ranked, and we’ve beaten one of them. BWA used to be a place where we almost always won, even when we weren’t very good. Now we seem to struggle there. Is lack of fan enthusiasm a factor? Maybe.

At any rate, General is right. This team is pretty good and is playing for a tournament berth. Shouldn’t it get more love from the fans?

Again, not my intent and you are also ignoring the main distinction of both sports in the SEC and how many teams are ranked. I love our football team as well, and the odds of beating a ranked team in football is much higher. Still doesn’t dissuade the point I was making.

My apologies. I have grown weary of the state of the hog programs and its fan base. I blame Frank Broyles, he held on to Nutt for far too long and marginalized Richardson. Both programs have been in freefall since. The fanbase which was once unified with a us against the world attitude is fractured. Once upon a time we wondered how high a seed we would get in the tournament and now we wonder if we will make it off the bubble or fall to the NIT in one of the worst conferences for basketball. Conversely we expect the football team to be in the running for a SEC championship every year in the best football conference and are ready to replace the coach if this doesnt happen by year 3.

I know the football team plays in the top ranked conference and the basketball team plays in either the 4th or 5th ranked conference and I thought you were taking a shot at football team. I’ve been critical of MA and BB at times and have gave them praise also such as the game last night. We are not where we want to be with either team, but by no means think either team is failing but we all expect to see better play from both programs. MA showed me more last night by changing things up at different times in the game for a huge win, his best coaching display I’ve seen for awhile. Hope CBB can bring the football team around to the reasonable expectations of most fans this upcoming season. WPS

Football success was more recent. It seems only yesterday that Petrino had us expecting to be a top ten team every year. It was brief but pretty exciting. Some of that aura still lingers. With basketball, we’ve been a top twenty team in the year end polls exactly once in this century. Apathy and indifference are more understandable. At present, though, it appears to me there might be more to cheer about with the basketball team, or at least enough to cheer about for people to pay a little more attention than they do. We are pretty good this year and have some very good recruits committed for the next two years. This year’s team has been very inconsistent, but I think last night’s game shows that they can play a notch above what we’ve seen much of the year. Can they play that way consistently?

I will be there (with wife and son).