There was nothing fair by those adults that made calls on the basketball court or the football field today where our hogs played.
I’ve seen it so much it doesn’t suprise me anymore.
What does bother me those that wear the stripes are getting paid to do a job and where is the accountability for their job performance.
It doesn’t do any good to write or call the SEC office. Does anyone know or have an idea ?
The 2 face mask today in the football game
We’re in the middle of the field and the offenseice pass interference was right in front of an official . You can say make up call all day for the late hit out of bounds but the blown call cost the hogs 7 points.
This issue has gone on ever since we’ve been in the SEC.

It was even worse when we were the only non-Texas team in the SWC.

Army hog. I agree totally. Ever since the Florida and auburn games in 99 and 2000, I thought the sec refs protect the higher ranked teams. One of my memories of coach B. Will be that he usually lost the referee battle. The face mask no call and no Offence pi really helped Missouri. I watched the egg bowl and the Texas / Texas tech games and only saw one bad call in two games. The big question now will be will the new coach get the same treatment?