I’m with those who temper their expectations. I mean, you can hope that we’ll win out or play in the playoffs but the reality of college football is that there is a only a group of 10 or so teams that have a real chance to win it all each year and we are not one of them. We can hope for a transcendent coach who overcomes all of the natural deficiencies we have (small state, small recruiting base, playing in the SEC) but we all know that a Chip Kelly only comes around once in a generation to raise a once also-ran to the status of king and even then they don’t always win it all. Or, we can be happy with having a program that we can be proud of for academic and sportsmanship reasons and take the 7-10 wins a year with an occasional losing season or SEC West title. I think that we have a coach who can win with us for a long time if we let him and rolling the dice only works every once in awhile - do we take a 1/6 chance to improve when 5/6 times we are worse off? I’d rather have three 8-4 seasons than two 3-9 seasons followed by an 11-1 season by which I mean to say I don’t want to be Auburn with success every five years followed by a fired coach.

Yep,like you guys I expect to win. I see steady improvement and thus far I’m pleased with CBB and his style of football. I like nothing more than to take the latest trendy fad in football and control the game and run right down their throats. Sooooooooooo…unless I see a lot of regression and not steady progression. So what does that mean? 10+ wins on regular basis with only the off year setback to say 7-8 wins. HOGS YA’LL.

I agree on those seven points.

I see that you hate on Petrino when making your point about BB.

  1. When Petrino got he Arkansas had no one left over and even Nutt said that.
  2. Petrino had a few problems…so what? So has Bama, OSU, FSU, Clemson. Want to know the difference? It’s over shadowed by titles and W’s. Which is something we lack.
  3. How did he improve the schools reputation? What Petrino did had nothing to do with the reputation of the school itself. Arkansas has never had a awful reputation.
  4. Please show the statistics on this.
  5. You stated that we needed a coach to stay here that wins. What is winning to you? 7-8 games? That’s good enough for 4 years to you? So, we are happy fans with 7-8 wins a year playing in the lowest bowls yearly? WOW how sad it is to be a part of a fan base like this one.
  6. BB has been talked about more in the media for over loading his mouth and talking about what he did at Wisc. all the time. Why do you think he talks about his accomplishments there all the time? Because he hasn’t done anything here.
  7. We had more guy go pro under Petrino than BB since you want to bring up Petrino so much. Please, post BB graduation rate compared to Petrino. The sad part about it is that you don’t even know the numbers are skewed. If a kid graduates a year or two later after football it’s not counted towards those numbers. But look them up and you will find they are very comparable. BB isn’t doing anymore than what other coaches have don at Arkansas. With the exception of winning enough games.

When fans watch a ball game. I don’t here think talking about well that kid is doing that in school or this kid is about to graduate ect… They are cheering for what? A win? This is not a Ms. Congeniality contact. I hope that all the kids that go to school at Arkansas graduate and get a degree. But when I am watching a game of any kind, what that kid is majoring in, his GPA, if he is attending all his classes ect… at that time doesn’t matter to me. Fans go to games to see a W. That comes with the talent on the field not a rocket science degree. So, all this stuff you are talking about really doesn’t matter. There have been plenty of coaches that have done all of those things but not performed at a successful rate on the field and gotten fired. If this were the debate team those may be the most important factors but it is not. This is football. Do some players get into trouble sure they do they are kids essentially. (18-21)… Developing in to manhood but not yet matured. BB has accomplished little at Arkansas. 0 titles, 0 SEC titles (not even close to one), 0 BCS bowls, 0 rankings at the end of the season. What was he hired for? i will tell you. To win some freaking ball games. At the end of the day, you can talk about BP all you want to. The FACTS are in the record. We were in the top 10 two seasons in a row at the end of the season under BP. We haven’t been ranked once at the end of the season with BB. That proves one thing. Arkansas can win on a top level and BP proved that. BB hasn’t proved a thing other than being mediocre is now the new great for this program.

Lastly, it kills me when fans talk more about academics and graduation ect… when it comes to sports. Why? Because they can’t win the argument WINS. That’s what Standford and other fans from other schools say win Bama wins the title. Now, that’s our fan base excuse for being (staying) mediocre.

The world where off the field stuff doesn’t matter, only wins matter, is gone. See Baylor, see Penn State, etc.

You clearly don’t like BB, like BP. I get that. I wanted BP to stay (there are facts that came out later that show there were more issues than having a girlfriend and hiring that girlfriend, but I still wanted him to stay at the time). I didn’t like the BB hire. I thought we needed to do something different than what Bama does. I don’t think we can “out Bama Bama.”

All that said, BB is our coach. To say he has accomplished nothing is simply not a true statement. He took over a team that was 4-8 the year before. His record has gotten better each year.

Seeing a record get better each year is not “staying mediocre.” Lets see what happens this year.

No. I clearly like W’s and not mediocrity I don’t care who the coach is. There is only one thing that defines a coach. It’s not how many kids graduating. It’s not how nice the coach is. It’s W’s. Granted BB took over a bad situation. I never said it was good. But this is his fourth year. Which means he has had his time to recruit the players and a few years for the to be in his system. Right now we are 3-0. I am afraid that we are going to get handled by A&M. Their defense is really good. Their WR’s are very good. Their special team returners are very explosive. I still think we only win 7 games tops this year. Then bares the question when are we going to ever get back to 10 wins? And how long will this fan base get tired of just 7-8 wins and a low tier bowl. My head is not in the sand I don’t think we will ever be Bama. However, Being ranked consistently at the end of the season and a 10 win season every 2-3 years is not too much to ask for a program such as Arkansas.

It never ceases to amaze me how the statistic junkies are so angry. What I like about Coach Bielema is mostly the intangibles he brings to shape young adults into men. [color=#BF0000]Our team GPA is admirable[/color]. After all, aren’t we cheering on student athletes? I am. [color=#BF0000]Our off field distractions are gone[/color]. Could it be the disciplines of studying for a cause greater than self make a family environment that represents the state of Arkansas well? I do cheer for that. [color=#BF0000]We now root for lives made better by Coach Bielema’s firm and steady hand.[/color] Randy Ramsey is a young man now I for one cheer far more for his life decision than his statistical record. The Dan Skipper article yesterday, is another example of a young man no longer out of control, but now courageously leading a team like he will be called upon to lead his fiancé. I do cheer for that. [color=#BF0000]Our coach is real.[/color] I have never watched YouTube more than I have since his “Being Bret Bielema” video’s started. I can cheer for that. [color=#BF0000]Coach Bielema is an honorable person that cleaned up a dishonorable mess. [/color]Our AD Mr. Jeff Long had, and made, the most courageous decision for long term integrity of the University of Arkansas. I do cheer for that. [color=#BF0000]Our coach lives his convictions, loves his students, represents our university, and loves the state.[/color] I cheer for that.[color=#BF0000] Our coach has continually improved the quality of play while reducing unforced errors.[/color] I cheer for that. [color=#BF0000]The coaching atmosphere seems to be better than ever before at the University of Arkansas.[/color] I can cheer for that and many more things that are going very well at the University of Arkansas! Tomorrow we will play before a packed stadium on national television and I will not once worry about our team embarrassing themselves because of what Coach Bielema has already accomplished. If we do win I will be elated for a week, if we lose I will be sad for a day. Yet no matter the outcome or statistics, I will cheer the team of young men becoming responsible adults! WPS means a lot more to me today than statics will ever explain.

You are posting allot but none of that is based on any facts at all. You talk about Intangibles that he brings that I have heard every coach that has coached at Arkansas say and talk about. I known very few players that have played at Arkansas that were out of control. It appears that Bielema is an honorable person. Do you know how many coaches who have lost their jobs but they were honorable and good people? Because at the end of the day all that you typed is good but it comes done to one thing and that’w winning. Coaches get paid to win. PERIOD. You talk about our coaches improve the quality of play? Really? The defense still looks as weak as it did last year. I could go on and on about your statement about what you cheer about. I have been around a long time and have never known fans not to cheer for these young men no matter who the coach is. BB didn’t bring that too Arkansas our fan base has always had it. Again…he gets paid to manage the program but more importantly WIN. And win at level that is deserving to be an Arkansas coach. And being mediocre every year is not it.

Big surprise, you aren’t going to change your mind, other people aren’t going to change their mind. So, this we be it for me on this discussion. You are right, coaches are hired to win. But to pretend that other stuff doesn’t matter, in this day and age, is foolish. It does. Again, look at Baylor. Will graduating more students save your job if you go 4-8 year after year? Nope. But will graduating more students (not having guys arrested, etc. etc.) help you to hang on through an occasional tough year? Yes it will.

Right now we are 3-0 and ranked. Lets see what happens. I can guarantee you this much if BB goes 4-8 to 6-6 for the next few years, he will be gone. But I just don’t get the complaining when our win total has gone up each of the last 2 years and when we are 3-0 and ranked. Can we not see what happens first? Again, this is coming from a guy who didn’t like the BB hire. But he is our coach, lets see what happens.

The casual us of “no facts at all” could just as well be “et al” for the prepensely of some here looking at a half full glass and demanding others to describe their perception as fact. Consider…The Fayetteville court docket has evidence of previous regime’s looking the other way while Arkansas players were indeed out of control. Consider… Every coach that lost his/her job being honorable and good, is a far better example for the young people they are entrusted to teach than statistics will ever show. Those things I can cheer. In the real world, coaches are paid for far more things than winning. I am so very happy that our coach makes investing in a young mans life his top priority. I can cheer for that! Finally, as you ponder the half empty glass, understand the negativity isn’t dissuading but could be interest paid on trouble long before it is due…

In many ways, not being to expect to win 10 games every year means you can’t expect to win 10 any year. Sure, we should win 10 a year and there are times when our teams have the talent to be a real contender. Hopefully sooner than later we will win the SEC title and be back on the national stage. I hope it’s under CBB, but it may not be. Arkansas has had 32 coaches, the first 16 or so who did not play 10 games. Frank Broyles was the first to win 10 or more games; he achieved his first 10-win season in year 7. He had three more 10- or 11-win seasons in the next 12 years. Lou Holtz was the first to win 10 or more in his first four (actually three) seasons. Ken Hatfield had three 10-win seasons, the first in his fourth year. Houston Nutt had one 10-win season, in his ninth year. Bobby Petrino, as well documented, had two 10-win seasons in four years. Overall, in the last 62 years (general time period of double-digit games played), Arkansas has had 12–12!!!–seasons of 10 wins or more. That’s 19% of the time, or basically one out of every five. Broyles had back-to-back 10-win seasons in 1964 and 1965, but only repeated that feat twice in the remainder of his time here. Holtz did not have 10 wins in his final four seasons. The point being is the possibility of sustaining that level of success is not likely.
All of us want the Hogs to win and win big. I would like to think CBP would have sustained the level of success he had, but we’ll never know. But given the history of the program, it doesn’t seem likely. And considering only two (Holtz, Petrino) of our last eight coaches have reached the 10-win plateau in their first four years, I don’t know if that should be the standard. I think we should sit back and wait until CBB’s years (however many or few) are over to judge. It’s kind of like waiting until we have all the evidence.

I am sure your numbers are correct but overstate the current difficulty somewhat For most of that period it was a 10 game regular season (currently 12) and many fewer bowl game opportunities. If you are average now you get a 13 game season. The average season for Broyles, Holtz and Hatfield was closer to 10 1/2.

Not saying you are wrong but recent 10 win seasons not comparable t the earlier ones. Generally I agree with what you are saying but 10 games should ne achievable by a good team with a 13 schedule.

I failed to say that the first 10-game season (including a bowl) did not come until Fred Thomsen, the 16th coach, and the first 8-win season came in 1954 under Bowden Wyatt. So you are certainly right. Eleven-game regular seasons began in Frank Broyles’ time and even then not until the 70s. So let’s say safely from 1977 when Holtz took over until today, we have had 8 10-win seasons in 39 years, still approximately 1 in 5. Not arguing. I meant to point that out in the previous post.

This fan base is funny to me. I am not necessarily saying you. While many like your self are willing to wait a few more years, assuming 3-4, many were willing to pull the plug on MA at the end of last year. Just like many fans I have expectation from all coaches. I expect MA to make the tournament this year. I expected by BB 4 year that our team would be ranked at the end of the season. Even though this season has only just begun I hold true to those expectation. Yet, I have my doubts. Furthermore, I don’t expect the team to go 4-8 but 7-8 wins is not an acceptable season year after year. Lastly, funny to me how you mention those programs that were the extreme. Yet, you didn’t bring up Bama, OSU, FSU, Clemson ect… who have been in the running for a title and had some off the field issues from time to time.


This fan base is funny to me.

I absolutely agree.

I am not necessarily saying you.

I am

While many like your self are willing to wait a few more years, assuming 3-4, many were willing to pull the plug on MA at the end of last year.

Unfair expectations were put on CMA. I’m not a CMA fan, but when he was hired people told me it was a grand slam hire because he was THE reason we won the NC in 94.

Just like many fans I have expectation from all coaches. I expect MA to make the tournament this year. I expected by BB 4 year that our team would be ranked at the end of the season.

Absolutely agree

Even though this season has only just begun I hold true to those expectation. Yet, I have my doubts. Furthermore, I don’t expect the team to go 4-8 but 7-8 wins is not an acceptable season year after year.

Give it a few years and everyone will agree with you

Lastly, funny to me how you mention those programs that were the extreme. Yet, you didn’t bring up Bama, OSU, FSU, Clemson ect… who have been in the running for a title and had some off the field issues from time to time.

I agree programs do have issues and they’re overlooked. Why? Because those programs promote winning above all else. CBP attempted that while he was here. He needed to leave. Are any of our coaches capable of meeting your expectations? It depends on the amount of time you want to give them.

You are asking for way too much. The GOBN has a scheme designed to keep us in our place. Lowly underdogs. To them its all about filling up their pockets. Winning is NOT a priority. That much should be obvious by their firing of the greatest football mind ever to step foot on campus and the subsequent hiring of a dullard.


He didn’t get into trouble about those issues. His so called needed leave as your point is not a point at all. So, you are willing to give him how much more time?


Exactly my point. We had players stealing from other students (that’s harming other students) BP was trying to get those guys back on the team with the least amount of punishment possible. That’s what Fisher, Briles, and JoePa did. He needed to leave.

As for how much time would I give. I believe the FB team was a minimum 10 year project, I have never believed CBB was the guy that could do it, but 10 years is a minimum. For BB, we had fell to pre Sutton levels, it took Eddie 11 years and Nolan 9 more to win the NC, so CMA a minimum of 20.

Now, I believe we saw a glimpse at the rest of our season last night. It wasn’t pretty. A few more losses, many more on here will abandon ship.

I argued with Dudley on the old board about certain bball players being overhyped, and one being under hyped. What we saw in Spain was what I expected. I said 22-24 games. 22 might not get us in. That’s a bubble team, and depending on what’s thought about our conference it might not be ideal for dancing. However, it could be good enough for a 1 or 2 seed in the NIT, but people will throw hissy fits about that.

EXPECTATIONS !!! EXPECTATIONS !!! How dare you have EXPECTATIONS !!! This is Arkansas !! Haven’t you heard ? HDN says we can’t recruit here. HDN says that his championship is UNDER CONSTRUCTION. HDN is building it the RIGHT way…

How dare you have EXPECTATIONS. Just keep buying tickets so you can line the pockets of the rich @ricks. Who are running the show.

and again