Evidently Bielema couldn't win the Sun Belt

This is absolutely atrocious!! We’re down 31-25 to a 1-7 Sun Belt team in the 3rd quarter.

How do any of Bielema, Rhodes, or Enos keep their jobs after this homecoming showing.

I am a life long hog fan. I now live in New Mexico. I am now officially embarrassed that the folks I work with know I’m a hog fan. I say fire everyone.

Not just any sun belt team,a winless in conference sun belt team. Embarrassing

My question is now…what kind of excuse does Jeff Long have to not fire him?

Even if we miraculously come back and win… which we have stopped their offense once all freaking day… CBB should be looking for a new job on Sunday as should Rhodes. Enos gets to look for a new one after he fills in as interim head coach for our remaining two losses.

This is an absolute John L Smith level dumpster fire of a football performance.

My honest evaluation of how this years Razorback team would fare in the Sunbelt Conference is that they would probably finish no better than 3rd or 4th place behind Arkansas State, Troy and battle it out for 3rd with App State.

That’s how far we’ve fallen in six seasons.
Changes need to be made and a commitment to excellence by the administration has to take place soon.

Honestly I can’t help but think this goe’s much higher than the AD and HC, which I personally think should have been gone long before now. But I think this may go much Higher Up, at least to the President. This has gotten so bad, that it’s got to be much higher than most have been talking about.

We all know that there is a lot of money involved, and I’m beginning to wonder if some sort of KickBack is going on. Not sure how that would work, but, if the HC isn’t worried then it goe’s to the AD, and if the AD isn’t worried, then it goes to the President. Is that Right? If the President isn’t Worried about his job, then what’s going on?

It just seem’s to me that the Power’s over the HC and AD don’t seem to care whether the Razorback’s are Competitive in the SEC or not.

Am I missing something?

I don’t believe that there is any conspiracy. I’m sure that the powers to be want to win. We have a bad football team right now. Apparently we also are a young football team and lost a lot of veteran players through graduation and injury. I picked us to go 6-6 this year. It is apparent that the team is not improving. I see a lack of intensity in this team and that to me is on the coaching staff. More former players are now speaking out about the culture within the program…practices aren’t intense and sometimes haphazard… that relates directly to game day. The team looks ill prepared and not intense. Does the team want to win…certainly…but you play how you practice. Does a change need to made? If we’re going to improve, I believe so…just my thoughts.

What players?

Matt Jones, DJ Williams.

You meant two guys who was here under Nutt and Petrino and have never been through an entire practice with Bielema?

Not trying to start anything, but honestly how do they know more than anyone else? Never heard Clay or anyone else that watches practice say that.

Another poster noted that Tyler Wilson also has spoken out about the laid back approach and lack of detail of this staff. Since they’re former players, I can only assume that they have access to our practices and facilities. Now, three former great players have the same opinion. I believe that there has to be something there?

Clint Stoerner has had some comments about this staff and how they do things before as well.

It was either on Finebaum or Bo Mattinglys show, maybe both.

Well, he is 2-0 against them. But your point is well taken.

Is this the REAL Dos? Welcome back

The one and only! Thanks Baked. I have lurked on occasion and pop in every now and then.

There must have been something done by now.

As a long-time Hog fan, I can’t imagine the upper echelon in the Hog chain of command letting Bielema get away with the antagonistic attitude toward the press after that worse-than-Auburn-of-last-year-performance against Coastal Carolina.

Me thinks Long will either go with him or fire the fat blow-hard as the end of the season.