Even Iowa State makes us look bad

We can’t beat anybody who matters

:wink: :?:

How does Iowa State make us look bad? They lost.

Iowa State is a team full of shooters and shooters can win games just by jacking up 3’s all game. Iowa State shot 27 three pointers in that game and lost.

They also got horribly out rebounded.

So unless you are advocating us jacking up 3’s all game or letting rebounds go, I don’t see how they make us look bad.

Hogs won their last game, so it is a little tougher to find things to troll about

Well, we just outrebounded the #1 rebounding team in the SEC by 4 rebounds. And we won. YAY!!!

Against a pathetic A&M team, but yeah, YAY lmao

I know it hurts to watch this team succeed. I drink to the tears of your sorrow to our victory.

LMAO :lol: