ESPN streaming with ATT Directv

Kind of an off topic issue I’m having. For some reason, the ESPN streaming on my devices is horrible this year. Is it possible ATT and Direct TV are jacking with me, or my own hardware issues (haven’t had problems before this year)?

I have dropped DirecTV, but I had it for years. I rarely had a serious problem with ESPN streaming other than needing to login frequently. It would seem as though there were a problem and nothing would say that I needed to login. I would logout and back in. That would fix the problem.

Check the download speed on your WiFi, it maybe too weak.

Hmm, maybe it’s because I’m streaming Curse of Oak Island on the TV at the same time.

I haven’t had an issue. There was 3 TV sets streaming while I was watching the game.

I knw I contacted them abt me not being able to live stream from my IPhones to my tv With a hdmi cord and connecter. Said it’s no longer available do to privacy purpose.

One reason that I dumped AT&T was because of low streaming speeds. 6 mbps was the best that I could get and often much worse. I was unable to get better streaming from AT&T, so I switched to Cox for WiFi. That was after I dumped DirecTV and switched to YouTube TV, then to Hulu.

Baumbastic, that’s why in my OP I wondered about being “jacked around” by AT&T. I signed on from Dish about 3 years ago, got a great bundled contract including all my family cell phones, internet, and TV. The contract expired last year, and now I’m paying around $500 per month for all (which includes 5 cell phones), and service is now crap. My monthly technology is now more than my utilities. This stuff needs to be regulated for rates just like our utility bills.

You’re problem may be completely different from mine, but I could not stream ESPN events at all for a couple of weeks, and kept getting error messages that the program might not be available or I had a browser that was no longer up to date. I’m old and slow to change, so I still love my desk top computer with it’s large screen. I finally figured out my Safari browser needed an update, so I downloaded the newest version. Now I can watch everything on ESPN internet like I used to.

That is possible but most likely it is something else. I have 100+mb per second and still the sports videos have problems. And, every time I had problems I would check my download speed and it would still be 100+ mb/s. Usually the problems occur live and seldom on replays.

Response to gay:

Something I’ve noticed with mine, is if I stream FB or BB it works fine. Other sports do not. Could it be something to do with the “coverage” (not my provider type coverage, but the media coverage of the specific sport)?