ESPN / Razorback Fans / Collusion?

ESPN to air Alabama vs Arkansas this Saturday at 6pm est.
Why on earth other than Colluding with Razorback Fans to turn up the heat on our once proud Football Program and the Universities Board of Trustees to make some decisions about the future of said program.

Obviously, ESPN knows that not too many eyes will be on this game for its entirety due to the lack of competiveness, so it must be collusion to shine the light on a bad situation or perhaps the Russians are somehow involved, either way, it’s not going to be a good night for The University of Arkansas, Fayetteville.

Go Hogs!

It’s the #1 team in the nation…why wouldn’t they be on television?


It’s a lighthearted post, don’t be so serious.

Of course the number 1 team is going to be on TV, playing what will amount to a preseason game against an Arkansas team disguised as a directional school, perhaps they should be rename them The University of Northwest Arkansas because I don’t recognize them in their current state.

Could someone please put out a search warrant for the Arkansas Razorbacks?