Eric Musselman would be a fun coach to play for.,

His energy excitement is really cool. I think CBB has to have a complete season for two reasons.

  1. You can probably play that more safely than football.

  2. The NBA is doing it successfully, so in order to get to the NBA, they will have to play.

Will be much more difficult to manage college basketball, hoping for the best tho.

The whole sports world is under a microscope. It will be a adventure.

Why would it be much more difficult? The more contact, the more chances you’re in a person’s presence, the more likely you’re to catch it. The NBA appears to be doing a great job keeping people healthy.


Read this quick, the cult will have it gone within an hr…LOL…

Message from Baumbastic: I’m not a part of any cult, but I am enforcing the rules that there is to be no politics on these boards.

To answer your question I don’t think college teams can all be secluded to a bubble like the NBA.

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