I have been and will continue to be a big Bielema supporter but that was just embarrassing. Our offense can’t run and can’t throw the ball? Seriously? I expected the D to struggle somewhat with the move to the 3/4 but come on! The offense couldn’t stay on the field much less score. Allen looks worse than last year, WR cannot get open. The D put up a mighty fight but could rarely make TCU punt and at the end we let their WR get behind the coverage when it really counted. .

Either TCU is on par with Bama and LSU or we just suck and this is gonna be a long season.

This year we have no offense or defense!!! I don’t see how anyone can put a positive spin on this game. This was a total team loss including the coaching. I am not sure I can watch this all year.

Defense was not aggressive at all. I was expecting more! The offense didn’t learn anything from the TCU game last year. Trying to run with those safeties up and our WR’s couldn’t get open. Bad coaching and Bielema’s babies are too soft and got manhandled.

I was also a big Bielema supporter but I don’t think he can build a program. We recruit as good as TCU and they totally dominated us. I wasn’t in favor of this but I think we need a coaching change!!!

Who’s calling the plays?
3rd and 20…, Play Action…
4th and 2 and Williams is a tank and we attempt a fg after a prior missed fg.
Too conservative
Play calling soft on defense
Defense lined up wrong frequently
Same perfect timing of penaltys at the worst points in games that kill momentum
Over thrown balls all night

I’m still baffled how we had a horrible secondary last season and yet that particular coach got promoted to DC… SMH…

TCU is a senior laden team they clearly out classed us and out coached us…

Even a slightly above-average coach doesn’t have these kind of moments against a team like TCU in their fifth year. TCU is a good team, they recruit on about the same level as us, but boy are they better coached. Our future is not very bright with this staff.

DawgTownHog, agree with most of your stuff but not your position on the coach. I never wanted Bielema, never thought he was a very clever HC, and never thought his style of play could work at Arkansas. Primarily because he can’t recruit well enough to sign the elite OL and DL needed to play his game-control style of football. And that was never more evident than yesterday. And it’s questionable he recruits any position any better than the two previously mentioned.

When will he ever give up on the 9-man OL inside the opponents five yard line? Hell, everybody within eye sight of the field knows Bielema will call for a run from that formation. Matter of fact, I think the offensive team and Enos would benefit mightily from Bielema just staying out of the offensive rooms altogether.

TCU has a lot of good fast football players but they are not an elite team. Yet they made Arkansas look silly, offensively and defensively, especially as you say offensively. But, as well as TCU’s own control game worked, they couldn’t put the game away until the last two minutes because they kept shooting themselves in the foot, with turnovers.

I guess what that means to me is that we will continue to get our head kicked in once SEC games begin. Because the teams get exponentially tougher. TCU would likely finish no better than 6-6 team in the SEC this year with our conference schedule.

Nothing is ever as good or as bad as it appears; however, even with that being so, I don’t want to even think about what might await this team beginning two weeks from yesterday. I don’t think the plight of the WRs and in turn AA, will get appreciably better though most of the conference schedule.

Maybe 3-8, 4-8 at best.

Just wish the dude would negotiate a reduced buyout and move on to ESPN where his BS would not only be welcomed but championed.

I was just sick watching this game home opener with 73,000 Hog fans wanting to support our beloved Razorbacks.
I’m tired of all the same excuses and the same results from game plans that can’t be executed on game day.
We are either not getting our teams prepared during the offseason well enough or we just don’t have good enough players and coaches to produce success during the season.
We can’t run the ball in goal to goal situations, can’t make chip shot field goals and can’t consistently reach the end zone on kickoffs. We had terrible tackling again yesterday from our secondary support and all of these things aren’t new problems and supposedly where a focus during the off season and spring practice.
Well, where are the the results to all of this focus, they certainly weren’t on display yesterday against TCU.
This could be a completely unwatchable team this season, but I hope I’m wrong a somehow they can turn it around. However, if this is the best 5 O-Linemen that we have been putting on the field for the first 2 games then we are in big trouble.
I think Austin knows he is in danger on every pass play which is a big reason why he looks so bad at this point because receivers aren’t separating and he’s not going to be able to be comfortable in the pocket.
If this is as good as we are then it will take Devine intervention to even read bowl eligibility and that’s the ceiling as I see it.

Go Hogs!

seeker, I agree, crowding the line on short yardage hasn’t been working for several years. Bielema needs to step back and let Enos run the offense.

The O-line looked bad, but that’s because TCU sold out against stopping the run. We should be able to counter that by throwing the ball over them, but the new receivers are clearly not good enough…yet(?). It was clear that it was a problem against FAMU and it looks like its going to take some time for them to catch on, which isn’t encouraging since they have all been here since January or earlier. Starting Clary in place of upperclassmen with experience does seem a little suspect, although, I didn’t necessarily seem him make any glaring errors.

I was content with the defense. They chose to defend the pass and contain Hill, which allowed some rushing yards, but overall seemed to work. They didn’t tackle those last two drives, but that’s because they were trying to force a fumble. I can’t blame them for that, the offense wasn’t going to score.

Hedlund apparently kicks great in practice, so I can’t blame anyone for having him kick in the game. Time to move on with Mazza or Limpert.

Sadly, bowl eligibility looks like the goal for this team and a loftly one at that.

Pressure will be on Long going forward!!!

If true, it’s about time.

I would have fired Long a Long time ago.

Very true

The head coach is fat and lazy. The kicker is a prime example of his laziness. This dude (kicker) was horrible last year, and what did Beilma say about the kicker after the game. We need a new kicker. SMH.


I’m totally frustrated like you, but our teams issues have nothing to do with the body type of our coaches.
Successful coaches come in a various degree of physical fitness i.e. John Madden or Andy Reid. Let’s try and keep things out of the personal and keep it on topic and whAt we’ve seen and what we’d like to see.
Bottom line, if we have 2 more years with subpar results then this coaching regime will out and we will start a new rebuilding process.

Go Hogs!

I’ve seen “fat” people outwork skinny ones every day of the week. And vice versa. Writers on this sight have said this is the hardest working staff, at least in recruiting, than any Arkansas has had in the last 30 years. You don’t have to believe it, but you also have absolutely no evidence to prove otherwise. And don’t point to the record, because many hard-working coaches have near .500 records.

I imagine this staff is very hard working in the area of recruiting. It just appears they aren’t very good at it.

It is quite eye opening that the more and more CBB gets his guys, the less and less physical they seem.

Maybe that jerk of a coach we used to have wasn’t that bad of a recruiter afterall?

Hard working doesn’t always translate to be good, so I can accept that opinion. My point was simply his size doesn’t mean he’s lazy. That’s a stereotype. There’s plenty of lazy people in this world, fat, skinny, tall, short, and everything in between.


Attacks on physical appearance, family members, etc don’t carry much weight (pardon the pun) with me.

The first time I’ve seen this expressed quite like this and, IMO, absolutely true. Prior regimes get roasted for BB’s poor start at Arkansas. I know it was mess in so many ways, but by my very unofficial count some 22 players signed by Petrino and his successor were major contributors for BB at some point in their Razorback career.

And without players like Jeremy Sprinkle, Mitchel Loewen, Mitch Smothers, Darius Philon, Trey Flowers, Keon Hatcher, Jared Collins, Chris Smith, Jonathan Williams, Rohan Gaines, JaMichael Winston, Brandon Allen, Travis Swanson, Toby Baker, Kiero Small, Tawain Johnson, Kody Walker, Brey Cook, Robert Thomas, Tevin Mitchel, Deatrick Wise, and Zach Hocker, I just wonder what his record, as poor as it’s been, would have been. And please note that there are a number of defensive players on my list.

In several cases BB hasn’t signed anyone comparable to replace them. Philon, Flowers, Small, Hocker, Gaines, Chris Smith, Toby Baker, Tevin Mitchel, Wise, and Winston would be some names I would put forth here. And there are probably more that could be added to this list.

As a coach and as a recruiter I seriously doubt BB will ever consistently do better than what he has shown.