Early SEC review..

Bama, looks like the top down and then pretty even for everyone else in the west… Auburn is a hot mess on offense… The Gus bus has hit a wall. I feel bad for the real QB’s that signed up for that place. Sean White should bail out of there. Given a decent system I think he would be pretty good. Instead they bring in a JUCO safety that spit time at QB and think he can play QB? Feel bad for Aubie fan who is stuck with that offensive mess. LSU finally made the right move to go with a QB that can play QB instead of the QB who has the fastest 40 time on the team.
TAMU has some weapons… Ole Miss. hung with Bama for a bit. It is a head scratch they lost to FSU and then what Lville did to FSU…Wow…? Just see a whole lot of parity once you get below Bama.

Watched all of Louisville and bits of Ole Miss. Even at 24-3, just had the feeling Ole Miss would lose. Not impressed w/ Chad Kelly. Coach BP has the same great receivers he had at Arkansas, has a good running back and OL, of course Super Kid at QB, but what was impressive was the defense. Legitimate chance to make the playoff, will be in top 5 this week.

That final score blew me away… In my view vs. S’cuse, they had some moments where they struggled… It was actually a closer game than FSU… But based on the FSU game and the struggles Clemson had with some of their opponents early. The fact that L.ville only lost by a FG last year vs. Clem… I like their chances… What is even kind of cooler is CBP incorporating the DT QB into his system, showing the smarts to work with what you have.

You just know :wink: Coach BP had been working on FSU schemes since spring considering the first two opponents, they were just waiting for this game.

“Death Valley” in two weeks, could be a top 5 matchup. Clemson has to get by Georgia Tech in Atlanta Thursday night.