Early Injuries No Good For Hogs

Sorry Hog Fans but it’ s going to be another horrible season. The best players are injured and Chad Morris will lose his job this season. Portland State upsets Arkansas in a shocker. You heard it here first.

Well, bless your heart


Thanks. Good to know.

You’re the Man Hogwild? Really!!!

You’re not Hogwild about the Hogs, are you?

You’re entitled to your downer opinion. I don’t share it. Arkansas isn’t the only team that accumulates a rash of injuries in preseason. I’m excitedly looking forward to the commencement of Razorbacks football come Saturday week. Whichever team enjoys your “loyal” support likely has preseason injury issues also.

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I think we know another Hogwild (democrat :wink: ). Maybe we really do know who he is

Hogs win SEC West this year

Awesome recruits coming up for Arkansas football basketball and baseball

In badminton? :?:

Portland State actually won the battle Hogs should give up Chad Morris will be fired this week guaranteed