Dustin Thomas off the team

I’m really curious what he did, but apparently it was the last straw in a line of suspensions. I hope when he graduates, he has a career lined up for himself.

Maybe he won’t graduate.

I think it’s already mid terms or close to, so hopefully with just this semester to go, they’ll allow him to graduate. Unless, it’s his education as the reason he got kicked off the team.

We will all find out through speculation and not from the University of Arkansas as they never release the details in this type of situation.
So, it’s anyone’s guess.
However, he has had character issues prior along with a couple of others on this squad.
Not a great time to lose anyone, but as I see it this will give Gabe O, Darius Hall and Bailey more minutes and I don’t necessarily think that’s a bad thing. All three of these guys I believe are more athletic and can easily take up the slack in rebounding and any points that we got from Dustin. Cook, can give us some minutes occasionally during certain matchups but in would say in a limited way and if all things are equal I would let one of the younger guys be on the floor most times over him.

Go Hogs!

Yep, another board has already started with the speculation. Didn’t take long

I think he graduated in December. Would make sense since this is his fifth year.

Well he won’t commit anymore fouls 90 feet from the basket! The young man was starting to shoot the ball with sucess and he had some big games rebounds and getting steals.
The big picture here has nothing to do with basketball! Life and the young man’s well being is far more important. I hope he finds the right road to follow and is sucessful.

Hopefully this will get his attention, and he get things straighten out.

That is a pity it didn’t occur a month later. Thomas is the difference between winning and losing close games.

Now someone else will have to step up and be that difference! There are several who at times have shown they are capable. Hopefully this challenge will be something the team can rally around.