Dual Realities

It’s amazing how very different our view of reality, in regards to football is from the rest of the SEC. SEC- Average 8 wins a year at most schools is grounds for firing. Arkansas- Make it to 6 wins, get contract extension. SEC-Recruiting 4 and 5 star players a top priority. Arkansas- Recruiting 2 and 3 stars is the best we can hope for. SEC-Playing in Bowls like Texas, Liberty, and Independence is an indication of a sub par season. Arkansas- Playing in said bowls a great season. SEC- Barely beating a bad Sunbelt team is humiliating. Arkansas- Barely beating bad Sunbelt team a good hard fought victory. SEC- “Of course good quality coaches would be interested, we’re in the SEC.” Arkansas- “Of course good quality coaches won’t be interested. We’re Arkansas.” SEC- When it comes to paying top notch coaches, price is no object. Arkansas-“You want how much a year!? HA. ha, ha!” SEC- when it comes to being competitive, change is necessary. Arkansas- We’ll stick to what we know. SEC- Finishing out of the top five in the Conference in football recruiting is a disappointing class. Arkansas- Not finishing last is a great class. SEC- We want to beat BAMA. Arkansas- At least we’re not Ole Miss. This is the dual reality of the situation.

And who exactly is saying these things?

Attitude often speaks a lot louder than empty words.

Experience proves that Bielema was not as advertised as far as actually coaching football.


Bielema won’t build a team, he’ll build a program.

He’ll hire a great staff, see that they are paid well, and keep them.

The HOGS will dominate both lines of scrimmage with depth and a determination to run the football successfully and defend the run successfully.

Brett Bielema is a PROVEN head coach and the author of three Rose Bowl qualifying teams. He’ll have NO need to “learn on the job” in the SEC.

Etc. etc. etc.

We’re five years in. Only the most unreasonable would say Brett Bielema has not been given his best chance to succeed here.

How anyone can believe that change is not absolutely necessary is beyond reason. We’re way, way past due for change compared to other programs like ours with a history of competitiveness in the country (much less the SEC).

Our university is infested with leaders from the Big 10 (Ohio St., Michigan, & Wisconsin to name three). Time to clean house and get back to competing like Razorbacks. Nothing short of this will do.