Driving from Fay. to Orange Beach, need suggestions

I’m probably the only person on here that has never been to the “Redneck Riviera”, but will be making my first trip down the first week of September. I plan on driving from Fayetteville, and would like to stop overnight roughly halfway there. Do any of you have a recommendation on where to stop that might be interesting, even in the Covid days?

Looks to me like your best bet might be Richland, just south of Jackson, MS. Or if that is pushing too hard the first day, maybe stay in Greenville, MS.

Ramblin, when was the last time you were in Greenville?

Last time I ate at Doe’s there, lol, for me!

When I was involved in designing a brand new TRU Hotel (Hilton) that was completed last year… shameless plug, I know. :smiley: It is across HWY 1 from the Greenville Country Club. Hampton nearby also.

Alternatives in that area along the route are Lake Village & Yazoo City.

When we used to go through Louisiana, we would typically stay in Jackson to break up the trip to the Gulf. We stayed once in Vicksburg. There are hotels in Hattiesburg, too.

We vacation farther east into Florida and the quickest route there now is via I-22 and I-65. Tupelo is about halfway from Fayetteville, roughly six hours. Birmingham (about eight hours) is another good option and there are a couple of Holiday Inn Express hotels in small towns between there and Tupelo, on the Alabama side. I stayed at one of them on the way back from Auburn a few years ago.

I haven’t been to Orange Beach, so I’m not sure if the I-22/I-65 route is quicker than going through Louisiana.

You might be able to find a casino in Mississippi about half way there.

All depends on what time you’re pulling out of Fayetteville. If you leave at noon, you can make it to Hattiesburg by about 8:00. That’s what we do when traveling to Florida because it leaves just shy of 4 hours to 30-a area next morning.

We usually stayed in Hattiesburg. Lots of chain hotels. We have also driven to Mobile so that we get to the beach earlier the next day. Now that’s a haul, but you can do it.

Not sure if this will help but you’ll truly regret it if you miss eating lunch @ Lambert’s in Foley Ala. which is about 4 or 5 miles from Orange Beach. It’s also where Kenny Stabler was from. When you see the Foley water tower, it’s right across the street. There may be long wait. First time I was there was a 15 minute wait the next time which was a year later there was an hour and a half wait. It’s good food and a great experience.

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