Just saw a snippet of a press conference where he was defending his QB and while I agree with the intent, he is a snotty little turd.

Have to temper my criticism somewhat, I like the energy and emotion his team seems to play with. I am sure I am just missing it, but sure don’t see anything like that with our guys. We often look less than fully engaged.

Our close loss to LSU is starting to appear differently after Ole Miss and their early performance against Mizzou. The Bayou Bengals used to be strong on the back end, defensively, but not sure our very porous secondary doesn’t look stronger.

Mizzou looks like a well oiled machine on offense.

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They look so much better than us it hurts! It really bothers me to see Missouri’s football program this far ahead of ours!


I can see how Alabama has dominated us in the Saban era–he largely dominated most programs in the SEC.

I can understand how Texas A&M would go on a run against us–they have a lot of resources and have pulled in some pretty good recruiting classes.

But, the Mizzou dominance is the one that hurts me the most.


One thing that Arkansas fans cant come to grips with is Arkansas high school football is the worst in the SEC. Missouri has better high school players to choose from. The Arkansas razorbacks at any point in time might have two productive Arkansas high school players on the field. Given the choice of selecting a recruit from one of three top Georgia high school teams or one from the 300 Arkansas high school teams more often than not we would have to go Geotgis.

The reality is that the ethnic group that produces D-1 recruits at the highest rate, Afro-Americans, has the smallest overall population in Arkansas compared to any other SEC state. Mississippi has twice the number of black athletes than us and, surprise, their state produces twice as many D-1 athletes as we do. Even Kentucky and Oklahoma beat us. Nebraska is the only state I have found, so far, with a good athletic program and a lower number of Afro-Americans in state. So, we have to do like they do and do well recruiting out of state if we want to compete. So, let’s whine less, and compete more to overcome that disadvantage.

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Drinkwitz may be a questionable game coach but one thing he has done is recruit St. Louis and Kansas City. Even after losing Dominic Lovett to Georgia, they still have a room full of speedy receivers. In fact Lovett leaving allowed Burden to move to the slot and Lovett can’t compare to him.

Missouri beat the Hogs even when we thought the hogs were better. If we win this year even at home it looks like an upset unless Mizzou just spits the bit.

When the Razorbacks were their best, they had a strong crop of in state recruits. But going to Texas is what kept Arkansas on the map in Frank Broyles day.
It is getting more difficult to get the good players out of Texas because not only are the schools in Texas stronger, Alabama and LSU are getting players from Texas. Until Texas AM joined the SEC we didn’t see much of that.

We need to hire coaches who know the Texas HS recruiting market & territory. We have not done much of that since the SWC days. Even OK St has started making headway here. There are many top recruits in TX, especially DFW, who would come to Arkansas if we made the effort.

You’d be well oiled too, if you drank as much Schlitz as that guy does.

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