Down to business

We need to beat Bama. How? What are the biggest areas we need to dominate to win?

My opinion:

  1. No turnovers. Yes, this is an obvious but I believe that Alabama has scored a defensive touchdown in every game this year. Turnovers create a comfort for their offense, which we can’t allow.

  2. Stop their run. Hurt is a good QB but not the greatest passer. If we can take away their run game and force Hurt to win the game for them, we might be in good shape.

  3. No penalties. Given.

  4. Control the line. We don’t have to dominate the line but we have to at least control the line where we aren’t playing with 3rd and long on every possession.


We are not going to “ground and pound our way to victory in this one.” If we think we are, we are out coached before kickoff. We couldn’t do it to aTm, and we couldn’t convert a 4th and 1 against Alcorn. This is Bama. Not gonna happen. However, Bama is somewhat suspect in their coverages. The line must protect AA, and Enos must call the game like his life depends on it. We have to open up the run with the pass, instead of the other way around. We need to get off early. Our receivers need to prove they are what they are billed as being. As the OP pointed out. Their QB is good, but he isn’t great. He is excellent on his feet, but not so much on his arm. He will be much better next year, but this is this year. If we don’t protect AA, take advantage of their secondary, and force their QB to win with the pass, they will hang at least “half a hundred” on us.

That O-Line’s incapability to get any Push in short yardage situations is going to create the need for some innovative play calling. I don’t see that O-Line problem being corrected in the short term as it seems chronic. Bielema might as well get out there and take the snaps on those QB sneaks.

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We will not beat Bama. Why?

  1. Bama has too much depth

  2. Arkansas defense still gives big plays even to sorry teams. We saw that against ASU. It was shameful.

  3. Bama has too much talent

  4. CBB doesn’t know how to beat Bama even if he had to talent to

  5. We can always look back and say at least we had “uncommon” men on the field.

That’s why we play the game. Most of what you posted is speculative. All it takes is a few plays to go your way and the game can go either way.

Wow, Bobby’s loss really got to you, didn’t it?
I understand. I mean all your team had to do was win 1 tough road game and the ACC was theirs. Since the ACC only has 2 teams worth a flip, it was all right there for the taking. But, Bobby “Are you going to kiss me?” Petrino just couldn’t get it done. Oh well, there is always next year!

To GeneralHog: Agree with all you listed. I believe we can and will play AL well. We have done that last couple years. Hopefully we can eliminate the mistakes that are correctable, such as penalties, turnovers etc. If the coaches correct the defensive skim and not leave the middle open, we have a chance.
(Look up your Private message on top. I am leaving you a PM).

I don’t think we have a chance…but I would like to be wrong!

The old cliche of mistake free football certainly applies. Alabama having an off game is a factor we can’t control, but something we must take advantage if present. We didn’t do that with TAMU. If you remember lots of poor passes and flat out drops in the first half.
Scoring after long drives- if we find ourselves within the 5 yd line I’m going to get ill. So we need some big plays between the 20’s.
I like the tight ends in vertical routes against LB’s mainly because we haven’t seen that yet this year. I’m looking for that action to open the running game.
Crowd noise when they have ball and our crowd to shut up when we have the ball. We are the worst educate fans ever in this department.

The Hogs must play a little beyond themeselves in order to win. We have the scheme to win,we have the coaches to win, but do we have the will to win? Look-IMHO the team must play lights out and that is a combination of coaching and team leadership. We will see if that translates onto Frank Broyles Field on Saturday! I say we finally win and in OT 26-23. HOGS YA’LL.

There is no Bobby in my post. Secondly, Petrino couldn’t get what done? A losing season? You are right. He was too busy making us top 10 contenders.