Don't want to dampen the mood . . .

but this series is not over by a long shot. Arguably, Oregon State beat themselves last night with errors and mistakes on the base paths. Don’t get me wrong, Gates’ catch and Kjerstadt’s play off the left field wall and throw to Shaddy were spectacular but their starter struck out 6 and their reliever struck out 10. They out hit us 9 to 5. Also let us not forget they were here last year against Florida. They are playing to redeem themselves. I want this as badly as any fan could want it but let’s not celebrate yet. There is still a long way to go.

i agree Oregon state didnt play well and shot themselves in the foot, but the hogs also played their worst game in the ncaa tourney and we found a way to win. time and time again the hogs get in trouble and battle their way out of it. it shows our resolve, the hogs only put pressure on the Beavers in one inning and they wilted. their best player made an error, their best pitcher walked and beaned the hogs around the bases. the hogs shouldnt have to apologize for winning a game they were given some help in, the Beavers are better than what they showed, but so are the Hogs. baseball is a game of failure, whoever fails the least usually wins.

The final score is what matters. The hogs won and for once we got the breaks. Tonight I hope we pound the ball and leave no doubt that the hogs are the better team.

I will agree the Beavers made some mistake but that’s part of the game. The team that makes the fewest mistakes normally wins.

I am as happy as anyone regarding last night’s result. A W is a W. My only point is it’s going to be a tough game this evening. I have no doubt that DVH will do his best to keep the players focused but don’t be surprised if we have to win a game 3.

Even the Army Hog knows the series is not over. Oregon St is a formidable and experienced opponent. Not many will be surprised if the series goes the distance. Go Hogs!