Does CBB survive 4-8 season????

What will be the out come of an apparent 4-8 season for the Hogs in CBB’s fifth season? I think if JL stays CBB stays. I see some assistants being shown the door to get one more year for CBB. I think the bleeding needs to be stopped this year. This train has gone too far to turn around.


Geeze I hope not. However I could see this scenario playing out.

I could also see if Bielema is let go Long waiting until after the Dec 20th early signing date so as not to impact recruiting as much.

I don’t really know the answer to that question.
Like you, I can see the possibility that he is retained, with the understanding that multiple coaching changes on both sides of the ball have to be made and a special teams coach must be hired. He may not agree to that and either leave of his own accord or be fired at that point.
If that’s the direction they are going to take then that conversation should have already taken place.

I do believe that there are a handful of good young coaches that are hungry for success and proving themselves to be able to create a winning culture and we could possibly land a good one, but not if we wait until Tennessee, Texas A&M, Florida, Ole Miss and numerous schools not in the SEC that will be hiring a new HC for next season.

Matt Campbell and Scott Frost will be a couple of the first to come off the board.
However, We should be able to have talks with guys like: Mike Norvell, Chad Morris, Seth Littrell and perhaps Charlie Strong.

I meant to add Neal Brown, Troy HC to that list.

It’s more than just a 4-8 record. It’s the whole body of work. Especially the unexplainable only being able to play a half of football. Now your quarterback of the future has been arrested. Where do go from here?
Look for coaches who have at least three years of success in a major conference, as a head coach or coordinator. Be careful with the hottest young coach out there.

No. 11-27-17

I don’t see CBB being retained, but if he was, I can foresee a whole lot of apathy and fans not renewing the tickets. Any predictions on how many fans will be in the seats Saturday?

I want an offense with some fireworks, but, I tend to lean toward a defensive coach. Charley Strong should be seriously recruited and there are some DC’s I would interview from the Saban coaching tree Todd Gratham, Jeremy Pruitt, Tosh Lupoi, Kevin Steele, or Dave Aranda…if the Recruiting Committee gets the word out then the interest level among a Defensive minded HC or DC would open up.
I’m not against an Offensive minded HC but the DC needs SEC experience and have the ability to recruit the SEC, Texas, and go after the 4 and 5 star recruits…Arkansas has the facilities to compete and the money to get an upper tier coach…no matter what side of the line his experience comes from. Heck Jerry Jones Coaching Staff could give the Arkansas staff some counseling, they need it.