Does anybody on here know how to watch football?

  1. Our only strength is at QB. He’s the head of the snake so to speak. Get to him, and we’re nothing.
  2. O-line. Not bad, but next time we play a good team look at the D line of said team. Every play they are looking at each other and lining up accordingly. In other words, we’re predictable on offense. They know how we’re going to line up and they have a plan to sack or hassle AA. Or, stor our run.
  3. We have guys on the o-line that don’t understand how to run block.
  4. Coaching is horrific. Defense last night is not on Rob Smith. He’s a great D coach. When our Defense spends all night on the field, what do you expect?

God forbid if AA goes down, you can see what he have at depth. We will be a run team that will be even more predictable.

I’m not saying we need to become totally like Baylor, Auburn, or typical Oregon, but CBB needs to evolve and get a mobile accurate QB that changes the way defenses prepares for us. Look at the success he had with Russel Williams. These drop back passers looks great against Alcorn State, but if you can’t protect them, well you see what happens. He’s got to follow Saban’s path. Change a bit. Get a big tough accurate playmaker at QB that is always a threat with his feet.
AA is rated high in the SEC, but our SEC record is pitiful.

Heck, until last night, AA could scurry for a few yards. Throw in some designed runs for him to keep D off guard. He’s smart enough to slide.

Very frustrating to watch a whooping like that.

  1. Looks that way, doesn’t it
  2. You are correct, I said last night, I was seeing AUB call audibles on defense and it was resulting in TFL’s. They knew our plays by our formation.
  3. Or pass block
  4. Horrific is an understatement

Never heard of Russel Williams. However, if you mean the Heisman trophy candidate of NC St, Russel Wilson, who wanted to try his hand at baseball, and NC St’s coach kicked him off the team, then when he wanted to return to football, and an avg Wisconsin team, lucked into having a QB opening, then yes look at the success :roll:

Edit: By the way, at Wisconsin CBB avgd 7.5 in recruiting, but 2nd in his division of the B1G. Here he has avgd 10th (counting 2017) and 7th in his division in recruiting. Maybe, these players we are beating out the “big boys” for, really don’t have legitimate offers from those “big boys.” As a matter of fact, Dudley has already said Saban offers 100 kids a year and pulls the offers late in the process. I wonder if the left overs are at we are getting

My bad Wilson. Fired up early this am. :mrgreen:

Another thing…
BA was great at 4th and one sneaks. More proof this line is incapable of imposing strength on the opponent. We won’t even try to sneak it for the first down.

It’s been said before and I will repeat here. Our OL stinks! Our RG is a reject from Texas. Texas told him he was not good enough to play there and to find another home but he’s apparently good enough for Ark. He is constantly being shoved backwards so AA can’t step up in the pocket. I saw him last night on a 4th and 1 call where we tried to run on the left side. He pulled and stopped right in the hole where Whaley wanted to run so Whaley had to run wide and got tackled.

Our LG is improving but again and redshirt year would have been good so he could learn the position. We settle for on the job training! So we have a shortage of OL. That is coaching and not filling the needs of the team!

Our DL according to CBB was a strength and deep. That turned out to be BS. I do believe our DC is not putting them in a good position to succeed but they are not SEC caliber. And that is the problem. Who on our team could play for any of the contenders in the SEC? I can’t think of many or any at all. Until CBB gets coaches who can recruit, we will continue to be a mid-level SEC team. But I also think no matter who we have as coach, or how good our facilities are or they find gold up there in them Hills, we will never get top talent to come to Ark! History is a good teacher!