¿Do you...?

if Highly Questionable is the best 30-minute sports show on televisión? Even though they dinged the Razorbacks for comedically poor execution, which was unfortunately deserved, I record the show daily. It is fast-paced, funny, and even has a comic relief grandfather, who has some axe to grand with LeBron. Probably because he left Miami. Oh, and the videos range from amusing to cringe-worthy.

I watch that show whenever I get the chance. A lot of people don’t like it because it can be pretty nonsensical, but it’s fun to me. I’m a big Dan LeBatard Show fan, so I like it. Anything he and his father do together is pretty amusing.

Like LeBatard on radio, but not at all on TV.

The people who hate it usually don’t seem to get it. It’s the opposite of the tiring, “serious” debate shows. It’s fun—you know, what sports are supposed to be.

Precisely. A lot of folks who post here could learn something from ¿Highly Questionable?. Get off your high horse and you might be able to get off the Xanax.